3 recommended series to watch this weekend on Netflix, Movistar + and Sundance TV

The weekend of June 11-13 arrives, and with it the dreaded moment of facing the huge catalogs of the platforms to decide which series to watch. Therefore, we bring you these three recommendations, available at Netflix, Movistar + Y Sundance TV.

As we know that your time is valuable, we keep our usual appointment on Fridays so that you have recommendations on hand to help you assess how to make the best use of your free time.

The premiere you should not miss: ‘Room 301’ (Sundance TV)

‘Room 301’ | Promo | Sundance TV

What is it about

It is now a tradition that members of the Kurttis family get together every year to spend a week of their summer holidays together. A seemingly peaceful summer is stained with tragedy when Tommi, the two-year-old son of one of them, is killed by a rifle shot. Elías, a troubled teenager living nearby, is found guilty of the boy’s death.

The story of Room 301 is narrated in two stages: the summer of 2007, when their lives change forever, and that of 2019, a vacation in a hotel in Greece in which the family begins to suspect that the tenant of room 301 may be Elias, already adult, seeking revenge.

Why you should see it

Thanks to the success of Source / Broen (The bridge) Y The crime (The Killing), the Nordic series themselves became a genre that since then continues to bring joy to fans of noir. The latest one is Room 301, a Finnish psychological thriller that plays brilliantly with dosing information and twists in a mystery that unfolds in two timelines. Both stories work independently, but they also complement each other perfectly in a much more complex plot than it might seem at first glance.

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The only thing that is clear from the story is that an innocent two-year-old boy has died. The rest of the pieces of the board are in the air. The viewer who takes the motivations of the characters and their place in the puzzle for granted is in for more than one surprise. During the 6 45-minute episodes that make up this miniseries, the screenwriter Kate Ashfield is capable of perfectly balancing the two strong points of the story: the questions of a case where there are still many unknowns to be resolved and the dynamics of two families united by the tragedy and the secrets they want to keep buried at all costs. Unfortunately for them (and luckily for us), The truth always comes to light.

SundanceTV, a channel available on all pay TV platforms, has already broadcast the first two episodes, which are available on demand. Every Thursday at 10:30 p.m. you will be able to see two new episodes on the channel.

Perfecta para maratonear: ‘Lupin’ (Netflix)

‘Lupine’ | Trailer | Part 2 | Netflix

What is it about

Contemporary version of the French classic created by Maurice Leblanc. Assane Diop is an elusive white-collar thief and Arsène Lupine adventurer who seeks to avenge her father’s death by the powerful patriarch of a wealthy family. Years after a tragic injustice, Assane sets out to settle outstanding scores by stealing a diamond necklace, but things don’t go as planned. A cat and mouse game that started 25 years ago must end.

Why you should see it

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With Lupin, Netflix managed to revisit one of the most profitable and prolific brands in French pop culture (The Adventures of Arsène Lupine, the neighboring country’s response to the contemporary phenomenon of Sherlock Holmes) since a current and social perspective (The new hero is the son of a poor black immigrant who wants to do justice to his father’s legacy and make those who used his power and influence pay to escape unscathed).

Omar Sy (the big reveal of Untouchable) is the charismatic protagonist of an intelligent adaptation who knows when to turn to the original material without being engulfed by it. The series created by George McKay (Criminal) can recall recent phenomena such as The Money Heist Y Sherlock, but it is much more anchored in reality and personal and family relationships than those. Netflix premieres this weekend the second part of its first season, five episodes that they keep the devilish rhythm of his predecessor and in which Diop finally faces the great moment he longed for. Will he be able to claim vengeance without losing anything else along the way?

A jewel to rediscover: ‘Crematorio’ (Movistar +)

Recommendation for Quarantine: Crematorium

Carmen Suarez

What is it about

The 90s. An unscrupulous builder who has amassed a great fortune with agricultural companies is engaged in doing business on the Spanish coast. After the death of his brother, he created a great business and urban network that makes him the most powerful man in Misent, an imaginary city in the Spanish Levant.

Why you should see it

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Now the Spanish series have become the hallmark of Movistar +. Ten years ago, when the brand was still called Canal+, Crematorium it was released with the responsibility of showing that our fiction could also be up to the task when it was allowed to move away from the margins of mainstream television. Throughout 8 50-minute episodes, we witness a shocking story about corruption on the Spanish coast that helped to encapsulate one of the greatest evils of our country in the figure of a spectacular Pepe Sancho in the shoes of a corrupt businessman who behaved as if the world was his.

Jorge Sánchez-Cabezudo (a screenwriter who would return to television in 2017 with The area) set the bar very high with his exemplary adaptation of the novel of the same name by Rafael Chirbes placeholder image, still today one of the best Spanish series in history. Our partner Javier Zurro was recently speaking with the heads of fiction for its 10th anniversary. If you haven’t seen Crematorium By now, the time has come.

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