What is a church holiday today: June 11, 2021

According to the Orthodox Church calendar, June 11, 2021 marks the day of memory of the Monk Martyr Theodosia and Blessed John

Sputnik Georgia tells who these saints were and why they are mentioned in the church calendar.

Reverend Martyr

According to the church calendar, on June 11, the Monk Martyr Theodosia, who lived in Constantinople in the 8th century, is commemorated.

The parents of the future saint died early. The girl was brought up in a monastery, and when she grew up, she distributed her parental inheritance to the poor and took monastic vows.

For the monastery, using part of the funds, Theodosia ordered the most beautiful icons of the Savior, the Mother of God and the martyr Anastasia.

In Byzantium at this time, the emperor Leo the Isaurian (717-741) iconoclast ruled, who issued a decree to destroy holy icons everywhere, since he believed that they were no different from idols.

At that time, there were gates in Constantinople, they were called Copper gates, since over 400 years there was a copper image of the Savior.

When the iconoclasts were about to remove the image, the Orthodox people, led by Theodosia and other nuns, rushed to defend the icon and knocked over the stairs along with the soldier who was carrying out the order.

Upon learning of the unrest, the emperor gave the order to kill all the nuns, and to throw Theodosia into prison as the instigator. The Monk Martyr was severely beaten in prison, and then, to intimidate all admirers of icons, they took her through the city. Unable to withstand the agony, she died.

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Blessed John

According to the church calendar, on June 11, Blessed John is commemorated, Christ for the sake of the holy fool, the Ustyug miracle worker.

The future miracle worker was born into a pious family, in the village of Pukhovo, located not far from Ustyug.

From a young age, the boy fasted strictly, did not eat anything on Wednesdays and Fridays, and on the rest of the days he ate only bread and water. When my parents moved to the city of Orlets, 40 miles from Ustyug, my mother, being widowed, took the tonsure. The boy, having begun to be silent, then asceticised in foolishness.

Having settled in a hut built for him in Ustyug, he spent his nights in prayer. And during the day, all year round, I walked in rags and barefoot through the streets of the city, enduring a lot of bullying and insults from local residents.

John died young in 1494, and the gift of Christ’s miracles for the sake of the holy fool was awarded during his lifetime.

He became famous for the saint’s patronage during the invasion of enemies and for miraculous healings from various diseases.


According to the church calendar, the name day is celebrated on June 11 by Maria, Feodosia, Faina, Andrei, Alexander, Ivan, Luka, Constantine and Fedot.

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