The Purge, in what order and where to see the films and the series

The series of The purge It is one of the most successful in modern horror cinema. Since the release of his first film in 2013, there have been three other films and a television series that are part of this franchise, as well as another film will be released in July of this year.

All the stories of the saga occur in the same universe, in which every year there is a night where all crimes are legal and all public services such as the police and firefighters stop working. This is an undoubtedly fascinating premise, so it’s no surprise that audiences are always eager to learn more about it.

It is true that the movies and the series of The purge they could be seen following the order in which they were released, but they could also be ordered according to the events that each one follows.

In this article we tell you how to do a marathon of the entire series of The purge in chronological order, and also where you can find each one.

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12 Hours to Survive: The Beginning (Dir. Gerard McMurray, 2018)

the purge series

As the title says, this prequel documents the beginning of the purge by following the story of America’s “new founding fathers.” The film explains how the idea of ​​having one night every year in which all kinds of crime were legal came about, in order to counteract the violence that was beginning to plague the North American country.

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You can find it on the platform streaming from Netflix, and you can buy or rent it at YouTube.

The Night of Atonement (Dir. James DeMonaco, 2013)

the purge series

The night of atonement is officially the first film in the saga, and follows a family that must protect themselves from a group of people who seek to end them in the annual purge, and they must do everything to survive during the 12 hours in which all kinds of crime are legal in the United States.

You can find it on the platform streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and you can buy or rent it at YouTube.

12 hours to survive (Dir. James DeMonaco, 2014)

the purge series

The second film in the James DeMonaco-directed trilogy follows Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo), a man who, seeking revenge against his son’s killer, is forced to help protect a group of people during the annual purge.

You can find it on the platform streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and you can rent or buy it at YouTube and in Cinépolis Klic.

12 Hours to Survive: The Election Year (Dir. James DeMonaco, 2016)

the purge series

In the last film of DeMonaco’s trilogy, we see again the character of Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) working as chief of security for Senator Charlene Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), who has plans to remove the purge when she becomes president. .

Politicians had enjoyed immunity during the purge in previous years, but the current rulers decide to change this so that they can get rid of the senator before the election, forcing Barnes and Roan to have to fight for their lives.

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You can buy or rent it at YouTube and in Cinépolis Klic.

The Night of Atonement, the series (Creator: James DeMonaco, Years On Air: 2018-2019)

the purge series

The night of atonement is an anthology series that follows various characters during the annual purge, showing their different experiences as they try to survive this event that puts the entire population of the United States at risk for a period of 12 hours.

The series has two seasons but was canceled before a third was made, and you can find all its chapters on the platform of streaming from Amazon Prime Video.

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