Telegram puts the batteries in and incorporates the only function in which WhatsApp surpassed it

Telegram launches the rapid development of new functions to the discontent of the WhatsApp user community

Telegram functions allow voice chats (Clubhouse style) and mass video calls like those offered by WhatsApp

One of WhatsApp’s rivals, Telegram, joins group video calling, a must of the Facebook app that had its high point during the quarantine. In its beta version 7.8.0., Telegram integrates many news that can become the final claim for users who have not yet migrated to the messaging service from WhatsApp, despite the wide variety of functions that Telegram offers.

Since, since the beginning of the year, thousands of users have left Zuckerberg domains, unhappy with changes in privacy policies and other restrictive functions such as the limit of users you can forward a message to at the same time, the forwarded tag and the limitations when sharing a forwarded message between multiple users.

Specifically, in the case of these chain transfers, WhatsApp eliminates the fast forwarding option and incorporates a magnifying glass on the right (if we are the receiver) and to the left (if we are the sender), which, when pressed, will look like a message offering the user to search the text of the message in Google to check the information.

The Asian portal on technology Gizchina, echoes this new version of Telegram and its news that can make it the preferred messaging app and be the final thrust for WhatsApp or Clubhouse.

Although with a limit of participants, Telegram will have support for video calls groups for all users on a date yet to be determined. Also, imitating the functions of other apps like Clubhouse, from public channels and groups, live video can be broadcast in voice chats from the device’s camera or screen. To make this function available, simply add the tag #vid to the name of the voice chat.

This update, still in beta, also includes static new features such as degraded chat backgrounds that change and react when messages are sent. Also stickers animated and interface changes such as the placement of the search button that will appear in the header of the chat in the Favorites section.

Also, to facilitate access and notification of voice chat, Telegram will display a list of those that are active, accessible from the Calls section, in the side menu of the application.

It should be noted that these new additions or developments are in the beta phase and as has happened on other occasions, they do not have to appear in the final version of Telegram. These could be discarded because they are not well received or give problems or incompatibilities with other functions of the application.

Although taking into account the efforts that the application makes to unseat WhatsApp, the group calls function is something that most likely they will be able to enjoy all users in the next few months.

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