Malbert, the most 'hater' youtuber on social media: "Hate, like all feelings, is necessary"

From a very young age, you could tell that he was a very creative child with great showmanship“This is how the text on the flap of his book describes it. Don’t insult you asshole. That creativity does not seem to have diminished, quite the contrary. Malbert is, today, one of the youtubers most followed and multifaceted of social networks. In its channel, you can find videos with themes ranging from Eurovision, Triumph operation Y Survivors; up to “Insulting tiktokers heterobasic “.

Malbert has given an interview on the Ser Chain Twitch, where he has narrated what his work is like, what his dreams were when he was little, and how it has come to have the repercussion it currently has. He has also commented on the recent results of Eurovision 2021, as well as the management of RTVE at the Festival; and he has spoken about some of his most ‘hated’ celebrities, such as Ana Guerra or Cepeda.

Multifaceted from the cradle: from veterinarian to actor to clown

To the mythical question of “what did you want to be when you grew up when you were little”, Malbert answers for sure: “I wanted to put my hand in the cow’s ass: I wanted to be a veterinarian “. But, that purpose changed over the years: “Then I wanted to be an actor.” “Finally, I understood that I was not looking for something specific: I visualize myself in my neighborhood bakery and I see myself super like; but also as a graphic designer,” he adds.

Malbert’s many and varied possible job futures had a reason: “What I wanted was to enjoy a fun job that would keep me alive and awake.” Until he reaches the point where his resume is, he houses many professions: “Before entering social networks I have been an extra in movies, monitor and teacher of children, entertainer, clown”.

“I can’t love if I don’t know what hate is”

If Malbert does not go unnoticed for something, it is because of his acid criticism of certain celebrities and tiktokers. On this he is blunt: “Hate, like all feelings, is necessary. What’s more, it is a way of transforming fanaticism towards someone in a way. I’m a huge fan of people I hate. “He also comments:” I can’t know what it’s like to be good if I haven’t been bad. Well, I can’t love if I don’t know what hate is. “

But, behind these criticisms, there is a cause: “There are many times that they only stay with my insults; but, in those insults there is a context“On whether he is concerned that some minors see his videos, Malbert clarifies:” You cannot blame a youtuber for the education of a child. That is his parents’ job. “

A ‘walking newspaper library’

“You never want to enter my head,” he laughs to answer the question of how he manages to keep so many references from the world of television in mind. Later, he adds: “I will not remember my brother’s birthday, but I will remember the phrase that Belén Esteban said at the seventh gala of GH VIP

On what content he enjoys the most in his work, Malbert says: “The content I enjoy the most right now is direct from Twitch, because they give me a lot of freedom to create content.” He also comments: “The videos on Omegle are a lot of fun for me to watch, but you have to put in a lot of hours of work.”

Paco Rabal moment: Malbert talks about his book

After being asked about its publication, the youtuber recognizes the illusion of having written a book: “It was one of my goals. I had dreamed of that many times.” But what does Malbert narrate in Don’t insult you asshole?: “In this book you can find lyrics, something that does not usually happen in books of youtubers“.

In addition, the young man from Barcelona assures that in his book he narrates personal experiences: “I have counted things that I do not feel like counting in stories. On the other hand, Malbert comments: “I wanted to tell the reality of social networks, which is sometimes very distorted.”

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