In "Lupin" part 2 on Netflix, the original music is a nugget

Composer Mathieu Lamboley (right) during a recording session for the music of “Lupine”, March 12, 2021

ORIGINAL TAPE – “You saw me, but you didn’t look at me,” Assane Diop says to those he likes to trap. But you who have seen the series “Lupine” on Netflix, have you listened to it? While the 5 episodes of part 2 are available from this Friday, June 11 on the streaming platform, Then24 was interested in the soundtrack of the show, composed by Frenchman Mathieu Lamboley.

Last January, the release of part 1 of “Lupine” was a huge success. The first five episodes of this Franco-American achievement have now exceeded 76 million views on Netflix, resulting in the passage of hundreds of thousands of reissues of the adventures of Arsène Lupine written by Maurice Blanc, including the main character Assane Diop ( Omar Sy) is a fan.

In the sequel to the series posted online this Friday, the tribulations of the modern gentleman continue, as his son has been kidnapped by the villainous Hubert Pellegrini (the same one who drove Assane Diop’s father to suicide). On the menu for these five episodes: action, twists and turns and maps of Paris to make any tourist guide pale. And if we get caught up in this story and this game of hide and seek between Assane Diop and Hubert Pellegrini, it is also thanks to a captivating and particularly successful original music.

Assane Diop, clarinet and electric guitars

“Upon reading the screenplay, I was immediately seduced by this idea of ​​transmission, of Arsène Lupine’s heritage through the character of Assane Diop”, recalls for Then24 the composer Mathieu Lamboley, who signs the soundtrack of the ten episodes of “Lupine”. A notion of transmission that he also wanted to express in music, by mixing ”[son] classic musical heritage of the great symphonic masters Mahler, Strauss, Ravel or Prokofiev to more current things like electro or hip-hop rhythms. ”

Over the course of the episodes, each character in the series has its own musical theme, from Claire, Assane’s ex-companion, to Pellegrini via Juliette. “I like to take inspiration from the characters, from their history to try to transform them into notes”, explains the 41-year-old musician trained at the Conservatory. For Assane, he imagined the clarinet “for the mischievous and sly side”, “badass” electric guitars and a string orchestra “to illustrate his elegance”. For Pellegrini, they are “funeral and austere” timpani to bring gravity.

In the approximately 400 minutes of original music composed for the series, the 10th and final episode of this season has a very special place. The ultimate chase between the character played by Omar Sy and his enemy Pellegrini takes place during a symphonic concert, in a theater in Châtelet filled with an audience. Mathieu Lamboley – who makes an appearance in the role of the conductor – therefore had to write a “Lupine symphony” for this grand finale: “It’s the climax of the series, it’s a fireworks display, it had to explode! ”.

Omar Sy and Mathieu Lamboley on the set of part 2 of “Lupine”

“The Lupine Symphony”

Unlike the rest of the soundtrack, Mathieu Lamboley wrote this musical piece before the shoot, so that the musicians can play it on D-Day while Assane Diop pursues Hubert Pellegrini in the corridors and on the balconies of the Théâtre du Châtelet. A second version of this symphony, a bit rewritten for the purposes of editing, was then recorded in the studio with the 80 musicians of the Orchester national d’Île-de-France.

“It is similar to a symphony that one could hear in a concert, but is also very precise compared to the action since all the moments of tension, of chase had to be fixed very precisely to the image. ”, Further describes the composer who confides having lived an“ enthralling and very exciting ”adventure with this project.

More accustomed to cinema and feature films (“Le Discours”, “Le quai de Ouistreham”, “Minuscule 2”), Mathieu Lamboley’s work on “Lupine” was a first in the world of series. And after the box for part 1, he too felt the “Lupine effect” with more and more film proposals. Impossible to leave him without asking him some indiscretions on a possible continuation. “I don’t have any information on that,” he says, “but if there’s a sequel to the show, I’d love to be a part of it.”

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