Best sci-fi movies on Netflix

Of the film genres, the sci-fi It is one of those who have always sought to present us with futuristic, alternate worlds, the planets farthest from ours, or even navigate the psychology of the human being and in other cases even scare us with what could be our end. That is why here we present you the best science fiction movies that Netflix has in its catalog.

Within this catalog we try to include the titles that are not necessarily Netflix originals, so we recommend that you be viewing this list from time to time in order to get an idea of ​​the titles that are within the platform.

best sci-fi movies netflix

I am a Legend (Dir. Francis Lawrence, 2007)

A group of scientists believe that they discovered the cure for cancer of all the people in the world, however a few months later the population of planet earth turns into a kind of vampires that cannot see sunlight.

Will Smith appears to be one of the few survivors left and must survive in a desolate Manhattan. And we all know that seeing New York City totally empty is a cause for curiosity.

best sci-fi movies netflix

The thing from the other world (Dir. John Carpenter 1981 / Dir. Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., 2011)

A group of researchers in Antarctica investigates what appears to be a sample of extraterrestrial life. Then they will soon discover that the alien entity takes the form of the human being and thus becomes a threat to everyone in the place, because how to know who the thing is?

Another double feature on Netflix where the plot seems to be the same and it seems to be a remake, which however we are facing a prequel. The 2011 movie serves as a prequel to learn more about the alien and ends right where Carpenter’s classic begins.

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best sci-fi movies netflix

The Guest (Dir. Bong Joon-Ho)

In essence, the film falls within the genre of “monster movie” in which a being terrorizes an entire city, in this case South Korea. Then we are before Bong Joon-Ho, who long before Parasites and Snowpiercer returns to touch on issues such as the class struggle.

Here a family man, Joon-Ho’s leading actor, Kang-ho Song, is the one who must do everything possible to save his loved ones at all costs.

best sci-fi movies netflix

Passengers (Dir. Morten Tyldum, 2006)

In the future, humans will be able to take a ship that will take them to a planet with greater resources and better life than planet earth, for this they will have to hibernate in a capsule inside that ship for more than 100 years. However, a passenger wakes up earlier … let’s say about 90 years earlier.

Yes OK Passengers It did not go so well between the critics and some sector of the public, it is always a good pretext to give a second chance to the Thomas Newman score and the photography of the Mexican Rodrigo Prieto.

best sci-fi movies netflix

Oblivion (Dir. Joseph Kosinski, 2013)

Tom Cruise pairs with director Joseph Kosinski (they would work again on Top Gun: Maverick in 2020) for a sci-fi story where we have no one on earth but Tom Cruise and a couple of alien threats.

The world has been at war with scavengers but that has made the human race have to live on the outskirts of planet earth. Cruise’s character is the only one who has stayed to protect what little is left.

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best sci-fi movies netflix

El origen (Dir. Christopher Nolan, 2009)

Christopher Nolan delivers one of the most striking and interesting science fiction films of recent years where he does not have to show that to have science fiction, large spaceships or transports are needed for the story to be novel.

Here Leonardo DiCaprio plays the best dream “navigator” there can be, and when it comes to “stealing” something that is on our minds, only he can do it.

The children of man (Dir. Alfonso Cuarón, 2006)

In a world where babies have not been born in over a decade, a hopeless man with practically no desire for anything is in charge of helping a group that discovers that there is a pregnant woman.

Alfonso Cuarón leaves aside the Mexican beach of Y tu mama tambien and Harry Potter’s Hogwarts institute to take us by the hand and the lens of Emmanuel Lubezki to a London that is very reminiscent of Mexico City, but where there are also stories that give us hope.

The arrival (Dir. Denis Villeneuve, 2016)

Some alien ships appear in various cities around the world and scientists have decided to seek help. From … a biologist? no, a physics? Neither, but from a language expert so that they can decipher what they want to communicate.

Denis Villeneuve creates a contemporary classic in which, thanks to the interpretation of Amy Adams and the music of Johan Johansson, we are transported to a story of loss and hope alike.

Annihilation (Dir. Alex Garland, 2018)

Alex Garland has gone from being Danny Boyle’s screenwriter with titles like Extermination O Sunshine, to become a director who proposes disturbing worlds. If in Ex-Machina I had presented a world in which artificial intelligence was a fact, in this work it becomes much more philosophical.

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Natalie Portman plays a biologist who goes on a mysterious mission where the rules of physics don’t apply.

Tron (Dir. Steven Liesberger) / Tron El legado (Dir. Joseph Kosinski, 2009)

In this double feature, we have a story ahead of its time. On Tron, a 1982 film, the world of videogames and virtual reality is considered through the eyes of designer Kevin Flynn. Later, in the 2009 play, Flynn’s son must look for his father who has been stuck in this virtual world.

The music and visuals on both tapes are one of the most important features. The music of Tron It is made by Wendy Carlos (Mechanical orange) while that of Tron The Legacy is the French duo Daft Punk.

Sergio Lopez Aguirre Stanley Kubrick once said “To have a broader vision, not only see good movies, but also the bad ones” obviously I listened to him in the second and it is very funny.

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