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He was arrested for the twelfth time last Monday for 20 robberies with relatives of his wife from La Caada Real. In 2003, he was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for killing and raping Sandra Palo

‘El Rafita’, Sandra Palo’s murderer, arrested again as a member of a car theft gang

The Rafita, arrested at the age of 14 for killing and raping Sandra Palo in 2003, continues his uncontrollable criminal career. Last monday he was again intercepted in a Legans car workshop by the Civil Guard in Madrid, Accused of leading a gang that robbed 20 bars and restaurants since March. Commit all misdemeanors with stolen BMW vehicles.

The role in Rafael’s gang was to drive the cars. Not used to enter establishments. JAlong with him, a young man of the moon has been arrested, known as Kevin who was already arrested last year for participating in the kidnapping and assault of a local Pinto policeman, who was dragged across the asphalt.

This is Rafael’s twelfth arrest. In an interview with Telecinco blamed his messy life on the media and affirmed not to believe in his future: My life is so determined by everything I have lived, that I can do nothing anymore, he commented. He has tried to get a job, got married twice, the order of his surnames was changed and he had several children, but every so often he returns to jail for theft of vehicles, usurpation of housing, damages and crimes against road safety. He has been admitted to prison at least four times, from which he has always been released within a few months.

Wednesday afternoon yesterday He was still in the dungeons of the Civil Guard Command waiting for the judge to make the decision to send him to prison or to release him charged for this latest string of robberies. The magistrate was awaiting the declaration of the owner of a bar where Rafita entered in the early hours of the morning of last April to steal. Most of his blows are assaults with force in already closed premises, but that night they met the owner still in the compound and threatened him with an iron bar.

The Rafita and his cronies are aware that if not physically assaulted they will evade prison after arrest. In 2003, after Sandra Palo’s crime, he was sentenced to four years in the Renasco juvenile center in Carabanchel, based on the Minors’ Responsibility Law. In 2007 he left the compound where he was being held to serve three years of probation. Mara del Mar Bermdez, Sandra Palo’s mother, waited for him on the street to unleash all the anger accumulated since the day of her daughter’s crime. And he sentenced: He is not rehabilitated. I’m not going to give it a chance, because they didn’t give it to my daughter. A few weeks later he broke his probation and months later he was arrested trying to steal a car, despite the fact that he said he would not go out on the street.


He was later implicated in petty crime and robbery. That year he asked Telecinco for forgiveness from Sandra Palo’s mother. Said he was sorry and he described his life as paranoia. He added that he grew up in an unfavorable social environment: I have always had a very criminal life, not the one that a 14-year-old boy should have and at that age one is still not aware of what he does.

A year later came his gravest sin. The National Police arrested him for allegedly belonging to a criminal group that scrapped stolen cars to sell parts.

The Rafita He lived in Alcorcn and moved to the Caada Real cattle track a few years ago, where his parents reside, when he was evicted from the official family home. Now lives in Vallecas in an apartment in the Community of Madrid, although he spends all day in La Caada.

He married a teenage Maghreb years ago and He has now been married for nine years to another young woman named Lorena whom he met in La Caada and with which he has two children, seven and three years old. Kevin’s father, the other one arrested in the Civil Guard operation, is a relative of his wife. Rafael is now integrated into this family clan where he surrounds himself with second-generation criminals, children of other former thieves already retired from the Royal Fall.

Sandra Palo’s mother always said that El Rafita: may not commit another similar crime, but continue to harm society.

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