MLB: Gerrit Cole in the eye of the hurricane after failing to deny the use of banned substances in the balls

United States.- The MLB continues with his management to find the pitchers who have been cheating in the season with the use of prohibited substances for the alteration of balls and now the one who has generated some doubts has been the Yankees player, Gerrit Cole who flipped his answer about his use of such tools.

During an MLB press conference, the player answered some questions about statements by Josh Donaldson where he made it clear that it was very suspicious that he (Gerrit) had lost an advantage in the last games since the investigation of the Major Leagues on the subject began, leaving between the lines that he thinks he actually uses them.

For this Gerrit responded serenely and to a certain extent agreeing with Donaldson since it can be very rare that from one day to the next his numbers and movements have changed, even so he defended Donaldson’s opinion and made it clear that he is looking for equality conditions within the MLB.

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But everything took a different turn when he was asked directly if he used them and he did not say yes or no, which generated confusion and even speculation that he would have used them at some point in his life since he argues that These things are learned from a young age with experienced players.

“I don’t know how to answer that, to be honest. I mean, there are customs and practices that have been passed from older players to younger players, from the last generation of players to this generation of players. I think there are certainly some things out of place in that regard and I’ve been pretty firm in terms of that, “he commented.

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For his part, also questioned about his fatal season, Aaron Boone manager of the Yankees made it clear that from what he has seen in the team, none of their pitchers has that advantage of using any substance but that they have not been responsible for reviewing each one, even so, ensured that they would work together with MLB to put that situation behind them soon.

In closing, Gerrit Cole stated that if MLB wants a conversation with the teams and pitchers it can have it since in the end everyone wants to be on the best terms, “If MLB wants to talk about legislating these customs and practices, it is certainly a conversation that we can have”.

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