INTERVIEW |  Ger, content creator: "Living in a bubble of humor makes your life more bearable"

His name is Germán Sánchez Campos, but on social networks everyone known simply as Ger. He, like so many young people in this country, has had no luck in the workplace. For this reason, and taking advantage of his comic vision, he has decided to reinvent himself by creating content “always oriented to humor, because life is already quite dramatic.” The result could not be better, because, in addition to doing what he likes the most, laughing, he has managed to make a living from it.

Many try, but not all are successful. What is the secret so that some succeed and others do not? You have to insist a lot, eh? I have been uploading videos since 2016 and I already thought I was on the road. Luck is a very important factor in being successful. Many people try hard and have not had that luck, and it is not worse for that. I have had it. I believe that through humor you reach people better.

And being honest, right? Yes. I think that is part of each one. If you are generally honest with yourself, I suppose you show honesty. If you’re a shitty person, then you won’t.

Have you ever had trouble saying something inappropriate? There are times when, when people do not think like you, it bothers them that you give your opinion, and more if it is about politics, since that subject is very hot right now and there is a lot of anger about it. But in the end I am one more person within the system and I also have a political opinion that I like to give.

“There are times that, when people do not think like you, it bothers them that you give your opinion, and more if it is political”

Is it cut with according to what topics? I do not usually. There are topics that I have no idea about and I’m not trained, so I don’t give an opinion, because, to look like a clown, I prefer to do comedy. But from what I do know, I have a very clear opinion, I only get it, I don’t think about it. And suddenly I think: ‘oops, what I said’ (laughs).

What themes give it the most play? A lot of people have empathized with me for my laziness with life, with how badly planned everything is and the anger that it provokes. I think a lot of young people follow me, in their 20s or 30s, and I think they care about the concerns that my generation has.

Does it happen to you? I try to transform that laziness and sadness into comedy and laugh at ourselves and at life. I am a little suspicious of life, it seems brown to me in many ways.

“A lot of people have empathized with me for my laziness with life”

How do you see your generation? A hyper-prepared generation, wanting to do and change many things, but, at the same time, a very forgotten generation. They brand us as being very complaining or fighting little, and it is not like that at all. There is an institutional forgetfulness regarding my generation.

Like so many other young people, he has two careers, a specialization … What has gone wrong to avoid finding his place in the world of work? I did everything that I was supposed to do to have a decent job, but the reality is that it has been all precarious jobs. My father, without any qualification, found better paying jobs in his time than the ones I find now with two majors and a specialization. That’s what I’ve turned into humor, because … either I laugh or jump out the window.

And now it triumphs in the networks. Can you make a living from it? I set out on an adventure. I left my job without knowing what was going to happen and I bet on the networks, trying to professionalize my project. At the moment, I am really lucky, and I do make a living from it. The bad thing about this world is that it is not safe at all, today you have it and tomorrow it ends. So I always go with the feet of lead, for what may happen.

“There is an institutional forgetfulness regarding my generation”

Is it a script or do the videos appear? Depends. There are videos that are scripted and others that are not, because part of what connects people with me is being natural and that what I say does not feel forced. As I talk a lot about everyday things, about what happens to me on a daily basis, and also, I have a mind that does not stop and I am all the time scratching myself for everything, because I always have something to say. Although no one is interested, I let it go.

Germán Sánchez, ‘Ger’ in the networks, content creator.

In which social network do you feel most comfortable? On Instagram, because there I feel more protected from haters. However, on Twitter your content reaches more people and that is a little more scary. I’m trying to get into new networks, but it is true that the generation change is noticeable. TikTok already more or less I have understood it and I have found my place, which is not doing dances, because I feel ridiculous. In Twitch I’m trying with the three neurons that I have, it is that you need engineering to understand what happens there.

Do you have references? Yes very much. In the end they shape your personality a bit. People like Eva H, Antonia San Juan and her character Estela Reynolds in LQSA, Samantha Hudson, Inés Hernanz, LalaChus … There are many people I follow and who inevitably shape my personality because for me they are references.

“My father, without any qualification, found better paying jobs in his time than the ones I find now with two careers”

What is the best and worst of your work on the networks? The best thing is that, for the first time, I feel valued, which is something that had not happened to me in other professions. Also to be able to dedicate myself to what I like. Living in a bubble of humor makes your life a lot more bearable and it’s kind of cool. The worst thing is the repercussion that everything you do or say has and being exposed to other people’s opinions of you. You have to create a shell for yourself.

Have you never wanted to answer? You are learning. It is true that it came to me very suddenly. I had been uploading videos that had not had an impact for a long time and, suddenly, the videos went viral, so a lot of people began to reach my networks. At first it is difficult for you to understand what is happening and how you are going to answer or how it is going to affect you. At first I got a lot of criticism, but then you see that there are a lot of positive comments. I would be lying if I said that I don’t see them, but I take it differently and there are times that make me funny. I don’t take them as a personal attack.

“Andorra is getting very expensive, if I cannot become independent in Fuenlabrada, imagine in Andorra!”

Is there rivalry between content creators? I am very envious! (laughs). In my case, there were people that I followed from before, and that made me very funny, that when I started to follow me I would go crazy in my room and I would answer them by telling them what I admired. Then there are people with whom a friendship arises, for example, with LalaChus, and with people with whom it does not.

And how does it take to go from fan to idol? It’s super rare. I’ve always wanted to be a pop star, and that’s the closest I’ll ever get. The first time I did not understand what is happening is when a girl asked me for a photo and I saw her trembling. I started to tremble too! Is rare. I feel a lot of praise and also a little pressure. I don’t do anything extraordinary, so you don’t want to have that burden on me of having to do extraordinary things, because I just play dumb on the internet and that’s it. But it’s nice to be flattered and valued.

Have you met a lot of people on the internet? I had always met people on the internet, it is not a thing of the boom now in networks. I lived in a Fuenlabrada neighborhood, I had very different tastes from my friends and, thanks to the internet, I found people who did. Now with the boom I think it is even the other way around. So many impersonal messages come to you that you don’t get to go so deep. Also, people see you more as a character.

“I wouldn’t rule out a ‘reality show’, but it’s scary, because that’s exposing yourself to a very high level. I am a miserable being, and being recorded for 24 hours … I mess it up the same”

What is your opinion of youtubers What are taxed in Andorra? Would you do it? Look, Andorra is getting very expensive, if I cannot become independent in Fuenlabrada, imagine in Andorra! It is not something that I raised. I understand the criticism of the people who go to Andorra to pay taxes there. I read a lot when everything happened to understand both parts and, let’s see, I think that, if we don’t pay taxes, the public system is unsustainable. I understand that many times it is criticized that there is a bad spending of public money and fraud, but do not go and leave us the rest with the brown. Help us report it and create a better system.

On the internet, is anything fair to have followers? I believe that not everything goes to have followers And I don’t know how good it is for you to have a fame built on that. I like to have an impact or to be followed for something that is not controversial, I would not feel valued.

Do you see well that televisions steal content from you? It should be fair. I personally do not care if they take a clip of mine and publish it. Many times, they even give you publicity without wanting it. It seems that there is fear of what happens on the networks, and if they can make TV disappear, but I think that everyone can find their place and there is no reason to have a war.

germán sanchez, ‘ger’

  • This 26-year-old from Fuenlabrada, from Madrid, has a degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication, but has had little luck in this field, which is why he decided to ‘move’ to the networks. There he triumphs with more than 300 thousand followers and dozens of viral videos. It is, as he puts it, “your confidence jerk”.

If this goes to more, would you make the leap to television? I have an open mind. I want to do comedy, I want to have fun. Perhaps I suddenly discover that television is a format in which I am also comfortable. What I want is to feel that what I do has a meaning. Right now I have found it on the networks, but if I found it on television … I am not closed to anything.

Would you participate in any of those realities O talents How much is commented on the networks? I am very fan of all. From GH, from Survivors… I’ve swallowed them all. I’m not ruling it out, but it’s scary, because that’s exposing yourself to a very high level. I am a miserable being, and that they record me 24 hours … I mess it up the same. But everything is getting ready.


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