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  • Actress María Castro has made her reality as a mother visible through an applauded photo on her Instagram

  • Conciliation problems has been the new debate that he has opened with his fans

Maria Castro continues to open small great debates to raise awareness about real motherhood. Since she debuted in maternity with fellow actor José Manuel Villalba five years ago, her intention is that the loudspeaker that gives her having almost a million followers on Instagram serves so that other women do not feel so alone in that complex adventure what is parenting. A declaration of intent that increased with the birth of Olivia, the little girl, in the midst of a pandemic. Your last question to claim is the word “conciliar”, a euphemism to speak of “bobbin lace” That implies having a baby and wanting to continue in the wheel of work activity that you enjoyed before giving birth.

The lights and shadows of María Castro’s motherhood

“And above all I have to be grateful, and in fact I am, for being able to carry it out,” she has stated honestly. Next to a photo in which we see the interpreter asleep in one of the seats of the AVE destination to the Malaga Festival while nursing her youngest daughter. A snapshot that has been taken by his mother, his savior in this challenge, “precisely one of the vertices of our conciliation.”

After a long hour of standing in the wagon, “rocking it in favor of its rattle and with it in the ‘colo”, a Galician term that is used very often to express that moment in which you are carrying a baby in your arms, the little he finally fell asleep. And she was able to sit. It was not easy for your baby to adjust to his mother’s rest moment. “They come with a precision altimeter, that’s how it is, ready to detect the exact moment in which you try to support your buttocks, even if it is only using a piece of them, on any self-respecting ledge,” he pointed out with humor.

María Castro claims her problems to reconcile with two young daughters

Once the challenge was met, María Castro was able to rest, although not completely. Since she is a mother, she is always “ready to wake up to the sound of a fly, because that is motherhood / fatherhood, that resting, if possible, always with a half-open eye”. And on this he wanted to delve. On “that impossibility of physical and mental disconnection” that is almost never talked about in social networks, about “that dedication to that other who in reality will always be a piece of you.”

Despite the beauty of being a mother, the one who was the protagonist of such iconic and divine series as ‘Without tits there is no paradise’ has wanted to make visible that this situation “tires”, “because that constant alert exhausts and resembles the marathon of a lifetime”. Of course, as much as conciliation is sometimes mission impossible, the “life of puppeteers” that he has been leading for five years is something that he considers “fascinating”, no matter how many dark circles it causes as a result.


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