Peryod: The Portuguese brand that raises the flag for gender equality

Peryod is a 100% Portuguese clothing brand that was born in the middle of the pandemic and that breaks social standards by giving the expression “wearing the sweater” another meaning: it is that we are really dressing for a society united for a common cause: equality of gender. This is a brand that speaks for all women and people who defend a fairer and more aware country and the end of stereotypes that condition us on a daily basis.

CARAS was in conversation with the four creators, Mónica, Rita, Mafalda and Graça, that explain to us how this brand was born as well as the main objectives it intends to transmit.

There is a clear message of female empowerment and social awareness that is intended to be conveyed in your pieces…

Female empowerment is, for us, one of our greatest goals. We want to get that message across and feel that it reaches everyone, regardless of gender identity. Women’s empowerment is quite expressed in our pieces, but it is also very present in many other points of the brand, such as, for example, in the representation and in the offer of sizes from XS to XXL. It’s really important for us to let go of some beauty stereotypes that we don’t identify with.

Social and environmental awareness is also a premise. For each piece purchased, one euro reverts to a membership chosen by the customer (out of a set of three). The pieces are made in organic cotton and in Portugal. The entire process uses sustainable practices.

Solidarity between women is something very powerful. Was that how the idea of ​​creating this brand came about?

Completely. And this solidarity is often neglected by us women. We are amazing beings, and together we have the power to transform the world, making it a better place, for us and for everyone.

What were the main inspirations during the creative process?

The biggest inspiration was undoubtedly our passion for the cause. And being our first collection, we wanted to make an impact. The collection consists of four models, now five with the launch of the Maria for adult and child. We wanted to create a collection of basics with the twist of fashion. The pieces have a print with a phrase that empowers the woman, making her feel special whenever she wears a piece of ours.

Nothing on Peryod. it is by chance. The women we honor have left us an incredible heritage and a happy story. They broke barriers and showed the world that it is possible. This is our way, not only to pay tribute to them, but also to make their history known to the world, and thereby inspire all women.

In a market that is currently so dynamic, what distinguishes this brand from the rest?

Above all our cause, we are a brand with a higher purpose. And that’s the only way it makes sense to us.

Where did the motto “Herstory makes history” come from?

The motto came naturally, it was a play on words where we managed to show that, even in grammar, the story was ‘his’. We are here to change the narrative and make the story of her story. Hence the very name “Peryod.” which is associated with something very feminine, which is the menstrual period, but it also represents an end point and, therefore, such a change of narrative that we intend.

Is it harder to launch a successful collection in the middle of a pandemic?

Yes, it’s an even bigger challenge. However, our sale is made exclusively online, and for now not depending on any physical store, so the difficulties were more at an operational level.

Sustainability issues are present in the brand’s DNA. Was it a value that you wanted to implement in Peryod from the beginning?

These days it wouldn’t make sense otherwise and it has been with us since the beginning. Social and environmental awareness are a very important premise for us. For Peryod. it wouldn’t even make sense to set out to make the world a better place and not focus on sustainability. Therefore, the pieces are made in organic cotton and in Portugal, and the entire process uses sustainable practices.

Peryod has a clear mission to help women. And why do you consider it so important every year to hand over part of the profits to institutions that provide social support to women and girls around the world?

Exactly. As we are a cause more than a brand, we couldn’t just sell clothes. For us, this social issue is essential and for us to be able to give an effective return to the community around us. Thus, for each piece purchased, one euro reverts to an association chosen by the customer. We currently have three associations to choose donations and what we want is to expand this range of choice as we grow.

What are the plans for the future?

Above all, we feel ourselves to be a change factor for a fairer and more egalitarian world. Take this path with a community created by us, where we feel empowered. We want all women to feel safe in our community and feel like the Peryod space. it’s always a space for everyone. That is why the real testimonies that we share are also very important for us. These generate sharing, help and conversation on topics that effectively have to be discussed. We make someone realize that they are not alone in their journey, it is a great pride. And of course, dressing the world with our message.

Check out the entire collection on here.

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