Lucas Hernandez tells how he was abandoned by his father

Interviewed by M6, the football player of the France team, Lucas Hernandez, returned to his career. He also opened up about his personal life and how his father abandoned him.

In the Hernandez family, the two boys are at the top in football. Théo Hernandez is currently playing for AC Milan. Lucas Hernandez plays for Bayern. But he also plays in the France team. A great course for the player who is only 24 years old.

But if Theo and Lucas Hernandez have taken this path, it is not a big surprise since their father, Jean-François Hernandez, is a former professional player who played for OM and Atletico Madrid.

“You have to leave the house because it is in foreclosure”

The genes could therefore have played in favor of the two boys but certainly not education. Indeed, Jean-François Hernandez vanished overnight in 2001-2002. And since his departure, no one in the family has ever heard from him at all.

Asked by Restricted zone, Lucas Hernandez returned to his childhood without a father:

It’s weird, he doesn’t speak with anyone and I don’t know today if he’s alive or if he’s dead.

In addition to abandoning his children, Jean-François Hernandez left behind substantial debts. And it is Laurence Hernandez who had to assume the cowardice of her husband alone. Lucas Hernandez still remembers that day when they had to move urgently:

A bailiff came and told us: “Madam, you must leave the house because it is in foreclosure”.

Lucas Hernandez has no idea where his father is

Lucas Hernandez is not even sure to recognize his father if he meets him one day in the street since he has not seen him since he was 3 years old. And Jean-François Hernandez is obviously very good at hiding since no one knows where it is currently:

Nobody knows anything, nobody. There are people who say, “He can be there, he can be there”, but no one knows anything 100%.

Lucas Hernández @AFP
Lucas Hernández @AFP

He is also officially missing even if several witnesses say they saw him a few years ago, in Thailand. In any case, the Hernandez family are now having happy days without him and Laurence is for sure pampered by her two sons after having made so many sacrifices for them.

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