It's what Pfizer stands for, not what you pay for

The immense and widespread joy of getting vaccinated, the mere fact of receiving the notification to do so, the photos shared and multiplied as soon as it was done, does not exist in the media.

The agreement with Russia to produce Sputnik in Argentina was not even prominently noted. And even less so the agreement reached by the government of Kicillof to collect ten million Covaxin vaccines, to distribute throughout the national territory.

The anti-everything campaign is overwhelming, but it has its difficulties knowing how to face it.

A few weeks ago –and it is a reason for comment in the journalistic environment– the central theme is so repetitive, it wraps itself around so many times, it offers so few variants, that it is difficult to find news or novel aspects.

That is to say: edges worth stopping in them, without falling into an exhausting repetitiveness.

Vaccines arrive and will continue to do so en masse, from abroad and because they will begin to be manufactured in local plants.

This substantial data provokes opposition despair.

And it is from there that the attempt to shift the axis exclusively towards the dramatic state of the economy will start, sharply and progressively. That scenario shows a lazy government, very lazy, regarding the control of inflation.

The question of what will come first in the coming months, which include elections, perhaps decisive for the short and medium term, is repeated, then.

The certainty of vaccination protection? Or the row over origins and economic consequences that, if it is for the money in the pocket of “the people”, do not seem to be well fought?

Nobody has a sure answer to that question that, in a country with the dynamics of the Argentine, can vary from one “moment” to another.

At most, it could be said, relatively, that if the Government achieves a protective feeling against the virus, it will have to prevail against the excess of the opposition attack.

But, again reiterated, it could also happen that it is taken as “normal” to be vaccinated.

That the absolute priority, or long distanced from the rest, passes through what happens with the prices of essential things.

That it is more piripipí that of concrete actions, against those who form those prices of those things.

That there is no display of political leadership, despite the show of an opposition that is also ineffective in their internal egos. And in its obviousness.

However, if it is due to the reiteration of those obvious points, they should also have been clear when Macri won and now they are even more confirmatory. Because it is known how he ruled. And because its propositional impotence as opposition is naked.

On Friday, a post that talks about the job offer Pfizer, Consisting of selecting personnel for a medical visitor with the requirement of being a deputy, senator, governor or opposition politician with access to the media. And the promise of great income, along with a chance for advancement.

The joke is not so much when it is noted that the local campaign, in favor of the leading pharmaceutical multinational, must have no antecedents worldwide.

Santiago Cafiero had the best finding of descriptive eloquence of his entire administration when he referred to as such, as medical visitors, who simply entered the national chain to promote the vaccine of Pfizer.

It should not be taken as a prejudice or prejudice against workers in the area, but, above all, as a very well constructed irony about the blatant operetta of journalists and opposition figures.

Some clarifications are convenient.

Instinctive, unstoppable deduction is to think of colleagues and political leaders enveloped by Pfizer.

It does not work like that.

In this medium we all know each other.

The rudeness that is charged under the table, to favor or insult such or such personalities and positions, is not recorded.

In journalistic, individual and / or corporate cases, it is billed through the window of receiving publicity through the support, and scope, of the most fanatical or more intelligently modest rhetoric of the free market. The setbacks that large companies must face in the face of perfidious populism. It is imperative that a barrier be put up against the aggressors of the Republic. The underlining of the Axis of Evil made up of Russians, Chinese, Cubans, Iranian narco-chavistas protected by La Cámpora. The antithesis of the “civilized world” that the United States, Israel and some European countries invariably lead.

Nor is it about Commander Pato receiving direct fees from the Embassy.

Neither she nor similes of exchanging extremism do so, as if there were substantial differences between them and those who portray themselves as moderates within the same space.

It is much simpler, or complexly simple, than you simplify it from those emotional conclusions.

It is how the system of maintaining discursive-ideological hegemony works, which in Argentina, happily, carries the enormous detail of being in dispute.

So contested that the right, notably more practical and experienced than the left, falls for obscenities like this of the campaign that does not bank Pfizer (say), but what Pfizer It represents.

Destroy the Government. Charge him with having failed to protect the health of Argentines for a mere anti-Yankee sentiment. To invent in a treacherous way that a director of the Covax Fund, framed in the World Health Organization, spoke of tongo in the provision of vaccines. Keep that invention in the portals of the day after, when the aforementioned had already clarified their expressions. Involving in the fraud manipulation of a Minister of Health who does not stop working, while the confused of the one who served as President is celebrated with media indifference and that at about seven in the afternoon, of all his vague days, he was dedicated to Netflix (Better, as it also circulated on the networks: imagine if it had applied full time).

All this is not charged in an explicit envelope.

It is charged in political interests, sold as independent journalism and a republican vocation that bulge the envelope on the other hand.

At least, as a probable or surely useless expression of wishes and since Journalist’s Day is celebrated today, it would be possible to aspire back, reinforced, tiring, to what certain floors of professional dignity should govern.

We are not talking only about the honesty of making it clear from where it is reported and, later or earlier, from where it is said.

We are talking about – and of course it is also valid for a few exaltations of the pro-government defense, capable of having lost all critical thinking – rescuing essential values ​​of this profession or trade.

What a negative tour.

Keep shouting unique truths. Panelize with imperturbable shouts. Asking undefeated rhetorical questions. Relate what the zocalera homeland already describes in abundance. Don’t even give yourself a few moments for a warm interview. The exhausting mechanics of interrupting. The titles denied by the drops. The downloads that reproduce the title without determining additions. The grammatical and syntactic errors and horrors. The increasing difficulties in constructing basic sentences because you are first to impress, at any cost. The lack of basic data checking. Wanting to become the news. Let the news be just throwing out journalists who make that mistake.

Don’t you need to review all that?

Apologies, if possible, for these sections dedicated and reduced to the fact that, since we all go down the line (absolutely all), at least let’s do it with a certain… category of responsibility.

Out of respect for those who “consume” us, be, for example, to propagandize the vaccine of Pfizer.

Or to target those who do it shamelessly.


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