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The governor Axel Kicillof announced that the Buenos Aires administration could dictate more and new measures to restrict social circulation, in case the levels of infections and deaths from coronavirus remain high. “No matter how complex it is, no matter how much anguish we have, we have to make sacrifices”, defined.

The declarations of the provincial leader were made in advance of what could be the continuation of the restrictions put in place for weeks to contain the second wave of the pandemic, which has already left in the country more than 81 thousand deaths.

“If necessary, new measures will be taken, because if the system does not overflow or there are thousands of infected and hundreds of deaths”Kicillof said.

When making an assessment of how the pandemic is being faced, the president considered that this moment has two faces. One are “the limitations and personal care ”that are promoted and another“vaccination, which has been advancing ”promoted by the national government.

Despite this framework and “No matter how complex it is, no matter how much anguish we all have, we must make sacrifices, because the truth is that the result is that fewer people die”, he stressed during an interview on Radio 10.

Lower contagions

Kicillof remarked that in recent weeks “a lower fatality was observed, from 1.5 when it became 3 and in some countries it was 6 or 7 ”. This in a context in which “the strains are today 60 or 70 percent more contagious”.

Anyway, he added, “What you have to do is lower the infections”. And for this “we will do what reality tells us.”

In this sense, differentiated the strategy applied in Argentina with respect to other countries “where neoliberalism said ‘save whoever canLet the one who has to die die ‘”and he considered that what they did was” a disaster. “

“They accuse of anything all the time”

On the other hand, the governor once again questioned “some opposition media and the opposition” who “They accuse of anything all the time, and when the last one is pricked, they invent another”.

“They try to promote hatred, indignation, uncertainty, in a society that is in the midst of a calamity in our country and on the planet. To have there, of course ours in the trench, because they are Argentines, all the time trying to boycott, makes everything very difficult“, lament.

In the same way, the Buenos Aires Chief of Cabinet, Carlos Bianco, recommended that “part of the opposition has to make a self-criticism” for launching versions that were later dismissed by reality.

“Certain media, certain journalists and part of the opposition have to make a mea culpa and a self-criticism because in many cases if there are people who were not vaccinated it is because they got their heads sick, telling them that the vaccine was poison, that it was not trout and that it was not safe, “he stressed.

For a new vaccination milestone

“Now that vaccines are arriving, the worst thing that can happen to us is that people do not want to be vaccinated”Bianco expressed by way of concern.

In this regard, Kicillof specified that the vaccination plan extended throughout the province reached “4,330,000 vaccinated with a first dose”.

We said that we aimed to vaccinate between 5 and 6 million Buenos Aires to cover risk people and essentials and we are not that far away. When we achieve it, we will have a completely different panorama ”, he concluded.


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