Iceta says that pardons will be "before summer" and defends that the prisoners "they have not left rositas"

The Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function, Miquel Iceta, believes that pardons to the 12 condemned of the process they will arrive “before summer” and has defended that both Oriol Junqueras and the rest of the prisoners “they have not gone from rositas” since they have been imprisoned for more than three and a half years.

Iceta has revealed that the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, is already preparing the reports of the 12 files and that as soon as they are ready they will be presented to the Council of Ministers. “Campo is already preparing the files. Whatever it takes to do it and Pedro Sánchez decides to put it on the agenda,” Iceta said in SER.

The socialist leader considers that the pardons will be effective “before the summer”, although he has avoided giving a specific date. “I do not think it will take long”, has pointed out to emphasize that this issue does not depend on him, although he has recalled that he was the first to speak about pardoning the inmates of the process. “From there, I became the father of pardons“, he joked, recognizing that the decision on this measure may cause controversy within the PSOE.

“They have been in prison for 3 years”

I think I was the first to talk about this. In 2017 they asked me about the amnesty and I said that it could not be raised, but that the door of pardons is always open “, he pointed out. At this point, Iceta has defended the need for” reunion and the return of politics “as well as of “reconciliation” and a return to “dialogue” and has opined that the option of pardon “It’s a pretty sensible decision.”

Iceta has not only defended the need to pardon the prisoners of the process, has also remarked that “They have been in prison for three and a half years.” “Of rositas they have not left”, has aimed. “They have been away from their family, with a very, very limited activity and it is not a dish of good taste,” continued Iceta, who recalled that the pardons will include disqualification. “They will not be allowed to run for elections,” he said.

“They will return to court”

Regarding the statements of some independence prisoners that “we will do it again”, Miquel Iceta has been convinced that this statement means that “We will try again” although far from one-sidedness. “They are not going to do anything unilateral. If they commit crimes again, they will go back to court.”, has warned.

Along these lines, he stressed that the pro-independence movement “has the full right” to maintain its objective and that no one has asked or will ask them “to change their minds.” What is asked of them, he has pointed out, “It is that they comply with the law and comply with the law.”

Asked if the pardons will have an electoral cost for the Government, the Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function assumes that they will be a “controversial measure” that there will be many people who do not understand. “” In the future we will see the evolution of things, “he continued, lamenting the” tear “that Catalonia experienced with the” failure of politics “, of which he blames the Popular Party.

In his opinion, sometimes “things that should never have arrived” are taken to court. “Therefore, everything that brings us closer to the return of politics is good,” he said, ensuring that he respects “all ideas” and that he will be delighted to participate in the “explanation” about the pardons “whatever it may be”. the government’s decision.

Iceta has compared the measure of pardons with other “controversies” such as the legalization of the Communist Party, industrial reconversion or the decision on the entry of Spain into NATO. “We could make an endless list of decisions that are controversial. In the end, a government has to decide and suffer criticism for it,” he said.

Dialogue table

About when the meeting will meet again dialogue table between the Government and the Generalitat, Iceta has opined that “surely we will have to wait “for a while. In his opinion, “it is possible” that nothing has yet taken place beyond the meeting that will be held this June, Pedro Sánchez, and the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés.

Precisely, Iceta has referred to the meeting to which both committed in the telephone conversation they had last Friday. “It seems to me very good that They meet alone, they look into each other’s eyes and tell the truths and the limits of each other “, has opined.

Thus, and in the absence of specifying the return of the dialogue table, Iceta has affected that the agendas of Sánchez and Aragonés “intersect a lot” during the next few weeks in Barcelona. “They are going to see each other, but to work and talk about the dialogue table, we will surely have to wait a little longer,” he has settled.


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