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Apple has started this Monday one of its most important events of the year: the Worldwide Developers Conference 2021, which will last until next Friday, has already left us in its inaugural conference many novelties, among them we have been able to a first look at the latest iOS 15 update.

The next iPhone operating system officially announced at the 32nd WWDC, but in the keynote Today we have seen only a small advance and surely those of Cupertino have some other tricks up their sleeve to be unveiling throughout the week. However, if we follow the usual company calendar, the new version of iOS would not reach devices until September, when Apple normally presents the latest generation of its smartphone.

Here is a list of the firsts that have been revealed at today’s conference from Apple Park.

New features in iOS 15: Apple Music integrated in FaceTime, text reader in images and grouped notifications.

iOS 15: improve FaceTime, changes to notifications and more intelligence

As we say, we have been able to take a look at what the next iOS 15 will be, “A new version with powerful features that take the experience with the iPhone”, They affirm from Apple.

Some of its most prominent improvements are Calls “more natural” with FaceTime thanks to spatial audio, a new function SharePlay to “share experiences”, new ways of manage notifications and one intelligence best for photos and searching that will allow you to “find information in record time”.

The apps are also updated: with Maps it will be possible to “explore the world in ways never seen before”, Weather is renewed with full screen maps and more graphical representations of the data, Wallet adds support for keys and identification documents -the latter for now only in the United States- and Safari facilitates Internet browsing with a new tab bar and the ability to group them.

iOS 15 also includes new controls for Privacy in Siri, Mail and other elements of the system to “take the protection of user information to another level.”

You can blur the background in FaceTime thanks to the Portrait mode.
You can blur the background in FaceTime thanks to the Portrait mode.

FaceTime becomes Zoom

Thanks to spatial audio, voices in FaceTime calls will sound “as if they were coming from where the caller is on the screen” and new microphone modes separate the user’s voice from background noise. The iPhone Portrait mode will be available in FaceTime so that anyone can blur the background and, when using Group FaceTime, the new grid display will allow more participants to see at the same time. It’s clear: Apple wants to be the new Zoom.

Even more: users will be able to share experiences with SharePlay while talking via FaceTime, including “listening to music together with Apple Music, watching a series or movie in sync, and sharing your screen to show a app”, Explains the company. SharePlay works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. And since playback controls are shared, any participant can press play, pause, or fast-forward.

By the way, it is also compatible with the Apple TV and Disney +, ESPN +, HBO Max, Hulu, MasterClass, Paramount +, Pluto TV, TikTok, Twitch and many other services will integrate SharePlay in their apps.

What’s more, FaceTime calls will go “beyond Apple devices”, since users can create a link from the iPhone, iPad or Mac and share it through Messages, Calendar, Mail or third-party apps. “This means that anyone can join from the browser or a device with Android O Windows”.

New 'Concentration' mode.
New ‘Concentration’ mode.

‘Concentration’ mode

Concentration is a new feature that filter notifications and apps based on what users want to direct their attention to. “Customers who do not want to be distracted can configure their devices in a personalized way or through suggested options that use the intelligence built into the device to propose people and apps from which they can receive notifications. The suggestions for Concentration are based on the context of the users, so they take into account whether they are working or resting ”, emphasize those from Cupertino. It is enough to configure this feature on a single Apple device so that it works equally on all.

“Users can create home screen pages with the apps and widgets they need at any given time, making it easier for them not to be tempted and see only the most important apps. When Concentration blocks incoming notifications for one user, others can see their status in Messages to know they are unavailable”, They add.

Now notifications can be grouped.
Now notifications can incorporate images.

Notifications redesign

Attention, an (even) more visual world is coming: redesigned notifications will incorporate photos for contacts and larger icons for apps that will help to easily identify them.

In addition, the new summaries of notifications collect the less urgent ones to show them at a more opportune time, such as in the morning or in the afternoon. In other words, the device will use its built-in intelligence to sort notifications by relevance based on user interactions with apps. Urgent messages, yes, will be sent immediately.

Apple will use AI to read all the text in your photos.
Apple will use AI to read all the text in your photos.

An iPhone that reads the text of your images

‘Live Text’ uses the intelligence built into the device to recognize text in images. For example, you can search for the image of a handwritten family recipe or take a picture of a store’s phone number to call directly. Thanks to Apple’s Neural Engine, the Camera app can recognize and copy text on the fly, such as the network password WiFI of a cafeteria. With Live Text, Spotlight can find typographic and handwritten text in images.

Siri without Internet

With voice recognition built into the device, the audio of requests for Siri it is rendered on the iPhone by default. Thus, Apple will allow its assistant to process the requests you make on the mobile itself, which means that audio will not be sent over the web and Siri can accept many requests offline.

News in the health app: share data, 'Walking Stability' and trends.
News in the health app: share data, ‘Walking Stability’ and trends.

Share health with yours

The Health app launches a tab that allows users to share your data with family members, caregivers or medical teams, as well as other features like trends that help draw attention to important changes in your data from Health and ‘Walking Stability’, a new parameter that serves to be aware of the risk of falls.

Not without my Apple device

It seems that the Cupertino people have listened to their users and have quickly improved something very interesting: the Search app incorporates Separation Alerts, which notify users if they forget to take an AirTag, Apple device or accessory registered on the Search network.

When will we have iOS 15?

The iOS 15 Developer Preview is now available to members of the Apple Developer Program, with a public beta for iOS users coming out next month. New software features Available this fall as a free download for users of iPhone 6s and later.

Widgets come to the iPad.
Widgets come to the iPad.

iPadOS, WatchOS, macOS, iCloud

With iPadOS 15, Apple will allow you to add widgets to the home screen and access the application library, which debuted last year on iPhone running iOS 14. Apple is also introducing Quick Notes for system-wide annotation and multitasking enhancements, with new controls that make it easy to manage your apps. SharePlay, a new experience in Safari and new tools the ‘Concentration’ mode will also be in iPad.

Apple’s upcoming watchOS 8 has new health features, including a new Mindfulness app, more access options with Wallet, more functionality in the Home app, new types of training, and an update to the Breathe app.

Apple’s next big macOS release is called Monterey. A great new feature is the ability to use the same mouse and keyboard on your Mac and your iPad. Apple’s Shortcuts app is also coming to Mac. And Monterey adds enhancements to FaceTime, SharePlay, and the new ‘Focus’ mode.

iCloud will get a new private relay service and the ability to create recording emails called ‘Hide my email’. These will be part of a new iCloud + subscription, which will be offered at no additional cost to current paying iCloud users.

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