Advertisement - cool box test: THIS model boxed for victory - the rest disappointed


Cool box test: THIS model boxed for victory – the rest disappointed

Cool boxes in the test: which model keeps a cool head?

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The delicious picnic in the open air or the drive to the lake by car can quickly turn into a horror scenario when the warm beer is pulled out. Who wants lukewarm broth to cool off? A cool box is needed. But finding a perfect cool box is not that easy.

There is a large selection and there are huge differences in price. The consumer portal IMTEST has Cool boxes in the test looked at and found the perfect device.

Cool boxes in the test: 5 models in direct comparison

Noticeable: Im Cool box test from IMTEST, an Engel compressor cooler is mixed between four thermoelectric cool boxes.

Compressor cool boxes are the small siblings of the refrigerator and even guarantee deep freezing. In hot outside temperatures, they keep the goods cold for a particularly long time. Advantages are also their low volume and high energy efficiency. However, the price is quite substantial.

Thermoelectric cool boxes however, are probably the most common coolers. Inside there is a fan that blows the cool air around. The disadvantage: The boxes tend to be a bit louder and passive power guzzlers. But the purchase price remains significantly low.

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Who’s the coolest Cooling in the check!

IMTEST really challenged the five cool boxes: In the test, they were supposed to cool four beer bottles from room temperature to 7 degrees Celsius. A real challenge! But: As if by Engelshand, the freezer MT35G-P from Engel won with just under 2 hours. An extraordinarily strong value. The competition was far behind the compressor cooler with 6:16 hours.

So if you want to spontaneously enjoy a cold beer for a picnic in the boxes from Dometic and Co., it is best to prepare everything half a day in advance. Or just shake hands with the angel!

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Compressor cooler wins test by a wide margin

The thermoelectric cool boxes cannot hold a candle to the Engel machine. When used in the warm, the interior of the freezers warmed up considerably. The Engel cooler meanwhile kept a cool head. For energy savers, the compressor system is a nice side effect. This regulates the temperature in the core just like in the refrigerator. The cool box only adjusts the temperature when necessary – that saves electricity.

In addition, the model was the only one that made it possible to set the temperature individually. Even ideal for frosty dishes, because the Engel machine can even withstand temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius. And hard to believe: the cool box hums with an angel’s voice. In normal operation it is only very quiet and did not bother any IMTEST tester.

Price-performance tip: KB 2923 from Severin

But if you don’t want to spend huge sums of money on a cool box, you might make a better catch with the price-performance winner of the cool box test. Severin’s machine is significantly smaller, easy to transport and eye-catching with its green color. A highlight: the cool box can even be operated with a power bank. It is therefore almost perfect for picnics!

Another nice feature is the eco mode, which keeps food and drinks fresh at a moderate temperature. Sure, the look of the cool box looks less elegant. In terms of handling, the inexpensive device is still quite impressive!

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Cool boxes put to the test: simply better with a compressor

No other model could stop the victory of the Engel compressor cooler. However, the box has one tiny problem: it is heavy and unwieldy. This makes it perfect for long trips, but the other boxes are better for small undertakings. Here the colorful cool box from Severin impresses Cool box test.

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