Anne Will (ARD): Sahra Wagenknecht blows the AfD party leader the march - "I find that so disgusting"

Anne Will (ARD): Sahra Wagenknecht blows the AfD party leader the march – “I find that so disgusting”

June 7th, 2021 at 12:15 am

Super election year 2021: These decisions are pending

Super election year 2021: These decisions are pending

In the election year 2021, some landmark decisions will be made in Germany. Probably the most important: The 20th German Bundestag will be elected on September 26th. We’ll show you which elections are coming up this year.

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Discussed after the state elections in Saxony-Anhalt Anne Will with her guests about the election result and the effects on federal politics. AfD– Federal spokesman Tino Chrupalla was pleased that the AfD in Saxony-Anhalt was able to get over 20 percent again. The left, on the other hand, sagged. So got the Left Party politician Sahra Wagenknecht quickly with that AfDMan to each other.

Wagenknecht blew Chrupalla at one point on the ARD talk show Anne Will downright the march.

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Anne Will (ARD): AfD party leader wants coalition with the CDU – Sahra Wagenknecht blows him the march

First, Chrupalla offered the CDU a coalition in Saxony-Anhalt: “If we look at the vote in this state election, then there are only two people’s parties in Saxony-Anhalt. That is the CDU and the AfD, “said the AfD politician. The “will of the electorate” is thus “clearly recognizable”. It is “absurd”, announced Greens boss Robert Habeck directly from the other side of the panel discussion.


The guests at Anne Will on June 6th:

  • Volker Bouffier: CDU Prime Minister of Hesse
  • Robert Habeck: party leader of the Greens
  • Tino Chrupalla: party leader of the AfD
  • Sahra Wagenknecht: Member of the Bundestag (Die Linke)
  • Nadine Lindner: Correspondent in the capital city studio of Deutschlandradio


Moderator Will confronted Chrupalla with voter surveys, according to which even 42 percent of AfD supporters say the party does not distance itself sufficiently from right-wing extremists. In addition, the ARD woman listed several radical demands from the AfD’s election program in Saxony-Anhalt, such as warnings about corona vaccinations or special classes for children of refugees.

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The AfD top politician did not want to distance himself from the positions of the state association. The result confirms that the party is right that the right issues have been addressed.

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Anne Will (ARD): Chrupalla with a low blow against his AfD party friend Meuthen

Then Anne Will tried a quote from co-federal spokesman Jörg Meuthen, Chrupalla’s internal party opponent. After the election, the latter had analyzed that an “election campaign aimed more towards the center and less solely based on protest” would have been even more possible for the AfD.

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With just one sentence Chrupalla expressed his contempt for Meuthen – and at the same time also the division of the party! This assessment by Meuthen is only “an individual opinion of a member of our party”. Even Anne Will had to laugh for a moment, because Meuthen and her guest are ultimately at the head of the party.

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You are a protest party and you will stay that way, Chrupalla continued. In any case, they are the only remaining opposition party in the Bundestag, and the rest are no longer different.

Sahra Wagenknecht at Anne Will (ARD): “I find that so disgusting, so disgusting”

Sahra Wagenknecht and the person sitting next to her had finally had enough. She was upset that Chrupalla was staging the AfD as the “only opposition”. In the case of social legislative initiatives such as a rent brake, a higher minimum wage or more Hartz 4, the AfD always vote against it and is a “total loss”.

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Then Wagenknecht went into radical right-wing activities in the AfD regional association of Saxony-Anhalt. In this, the neo-Nazi scene is present “in an extreme way.” Wagenknecht recalled that the AfD top candidate Oliver Kirchner was part of the Facebook group “Die Patrioten”, in which a picture of a pizza box with the photo of the one murdered by the Nazis Jewish girl Anne Frank was circulating, on which “oven fresh” could be read.

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“I find that so disgusting, so disgusting. If you’re going to compete with people like that, you can’t sit down here and pretend you’re the big bourgeois, conservative opposition. You are not as long as you have guys like that in your party, ”she said of Chrupalla – who made no reply.

For Wagenknecht it is clear: The AfD leadership is deliberately not distancing itself from right-wing extremists because they want to win votes in this milieu too.


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