Sexual harassment and harassment in Porto and Matosinhos increased since April

The Feminist League of Porto denounced this Saturday that there is an increase in reports of women and teenagers victims of sexual harassment and persecution in the areas of Trindade, Boavista and Bonfim, in Porto, and in Norteshopping and Marshopping, in Matosinhos.

Speaking to Lusa news agency, Diana Pinto, president of the Porto Nucleus of Rede 8 de Março, an international feminist movement against sexist, racist and capitalist violence, said that the Porto Feminist League is receiving “hundreds of complaints on the page of Instagram”.

The women, he revealed, tell their stories in a very “graphic” way, that is, where and when the aggressions happen, drawing a pattern of the most violent areas, which are “Trindade, Bonfim and Boavista”, and that the height of the The day that aggressions or harassment happens the most “it is at the end of the day”, in other words, “it is when they return home that many women are raped”.

On the sidelines of the concentration in Porto called “The streets are ours”, which brought together about a hundred women and men downtown to demonstrate against “macho violence, patriarchal justice and capitalist oppression”, Diana Pinto said that in the Last month and a half, the Porto Feminist League felt that “more and more women are coming forward with their complaints” and that, later, these stories are shared by feminist collectives, allowing other women to see and feel free to talk about the “harassment and sexual harassment”.

The first of these complaints was published on the social network Instagram of the Liga Feminista do Porto on April 28th.

“This publication reports the physical and sexual aggression of a woman in the Trindade area who was attacked by a group of men with a blow to the head while opening the door of her building with headphones in her ears and that after being unconscious the victim was robbed and raped. (…) The disclosure of this case, of such ferocious violence, led dozens of other women to share their own stories and testimonies of harassment that occurred in different areas of the city”, reported Joana, one of the elements of the Network’s Port Nucleus 8 de Março.

According to Joana, more recently, “cases of persecution and harassment in Matosinhos, namely in the vicinity of Marshoping and Norteshopping” were also reported.

Inside cars, individuals begin by approaching victims about the purpose of selling perfume. They quickly change their posture to one of intimidation and violence, insisting that the victims come closer and get into the vehicle”, he reported, noting that the purpose of today’s reports is not to “sow fear”, but rather to prevent “new attacks from happening”, because it is necessary to “prevent violence through networks of solidarity and sharing experiences”, and because “macho violence does not give truce”.

About a hundred people protested this Saturday in Porto against “macho violence, patriarchal justice and capitalist oppression”, calling for the “immediate dismissal of Judge Pereira Neto”, who judged the case of a woman “strangled by her husband” and “dragged by the neck” and “forced into a car”, having acquitted the aggressor with the argument that “it is not cruel nor shows enough contempt to be considered domestic violence”.

Stop violating us”, “The streets are ours”, “Submissive want us, combative will have us”, “Patriarchy and capital, criminal alliance”, “If they touch one, they touch all”, “Sexist will never pass”, “A very noble and loyal patriarchal city ”, “Together for the right to exist! Feminists for all those who are not here” or “Resignation of Judge Isabel Pereira Neto” were some of the phrases that could be read on the posters and banners erected by the protesters.

The feminist movement also demanded the creation of “a public and free network of shelters for victims of domestic violence” and accuses the Portuguese State of “protecting abusers”.

“The state does not protect us. The State protects machismo, racism, poverty and all the oppression indispensable to the capitalist system. Above all, it protects explorers and their privileges”, one reads in a pamphlet delivered to the media.


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