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The acting Minister of Justice of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Lpez, has assured this Saturday that the Government of Daz Ayuso appeal to the National Court the restrictions on nightlife and hospitality agreed in the Interterritorial Health Council and published this Saturday in the BOE.

This agreement had the opposition of Madrid, Galicia, Murcia, Andalusia and Catalonia and the abstention of Castilla and Len, while the Basque Country did not even participate in the debate, and this Saturday it has been published in the Official State Gazette (BOE ) in a text that emphasizes that they are mandatory measures.

The order contemplates that nightlife can reopen until 2, extendable at 3, but only in communities that are outside risk level or alert level 1, which today are Galicia, Cantabria, Navarra, Extremadura, the Valencian Community, Murcia, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. The rest, except for Euskadi and La Rioja, which are at 3, are at alert level 2.

After participating in a demonstration of the AUGC in Puerta del Sol, López pointed out that the order does not establish a “specific date” of application in the autonomous communities, when other orders do establish it for the regions to adapt them to their regulations.

In this sense, it has indicated that in addition to appealing before the National High Court these resolutions, Madrid be up to what its own legal services say to apply the measures that the Community has been adopting which, according to López, are “technically better” in terms of containing the virus and also “better than those proposed by the Government.”

“What the Government cannot do, claiming a coordinated action in the Interterritorial Health Council, is to invade the competences of the communities and that is what it is doing. Because for an agreement to be mandatory, there must first be no votes against.” Lpez has asserted that he has asked the Government to “rectify”.

Hours before, when he went to get vaccinated, the acting Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, had also put the matter in the hands of the legal services and said that on Monday he would decide the actions to take. “We are not going to allow this setback to take place in the return to normality” in Madrid, Ruiz Escudero insisted, because – as he has stated – the measures imposed by the Ministry are “out of common sense”, they are “incongruous” and follow the criterion of “traffic lights”, which is “very far from reality”.

Besides Madrid, other communities – Galicia, Andalusia Y Basque Country- have stated that they will continue with their roadmap against the coronavirus, ignoring the Order published by the Ministry of Health in the BOE.

The Xunta asks if it is “mandatory” or “an opinion”

The Xunta insists that continue your “roadmap” for de-escalation and go back to leave the application in the air in Galicia of the measures published in the BOE this Saturday by the Government in the Official State Gazette after its approval at the last Interterritorial Council.

“The legal advisor is finishing analyzing to what extent the autonomous communities and, therefore, the Xunta, we would be obliged to follow them, “said the vice president of the Galician Executive, Alfonso Rueda, in statements to the media before participating in a ceremony held at the this Saturday morning in Santiago, reports Europa Press.

Thus, the number ‘two’ of the Xunta has summoned to know the opinion of the legal adviser of the Autonomous Administration, who anticipate having ready “next week”.

Based on this report, according to Rueda, Galicia will apply or not the catalog of measures for de-escalation designed by the central Executive. “If they tell us (legal services) that it is mandatory, we are not an insubordinate government“, added Rueda, who stressed that Galicia, for the moment, continues with its” roadmap “designed by the autonomous administration.

“Next week we will know to what extent what is published today (this Saturday) in the BOE reaches us or is it simply an opinion of the Government”, remarked Rueda, who has defended the “coherence” of the Xunta, which has been managing a pandemic without the central government, which disengaged itself in the hardest moments. “

The Basque Government continues with its plan New Life

The Basque Government reiterated this Saturday that the preventive measures it approved last Monday to contain the pandemic are still in “force” despite the publication in the BOE of the new restrictions on hospitality and nightlife.

The Vitoria Executive has insisted that the Health Emergency Declaration approved on August 17 of last year is in force in the Basque Country and the New Life which collects the measures based on the epidemiological situation.

He explained that both elements protect the advisory council of the Basque Civil Protection Plan, chaired by the Lehendakari, Iigo Urkullu, to adopt preventive measures through the corresponding decrees.

He recalled that, therefore, in the Basque Country, which continues with an accumulated incidence of over 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the hours and capacity in the hotel business and in the socio-cultural and commercial activities that came into force are maintained last Wednesday.

Andaluca denounces that the rules are “the competence of the communities”

The spokesperson for the Junta de Andaluca and PP-A, Elas Bendodo, has expressed his rejection of the new restrictions approved by the Interterritorial Council. He has been resounding in warning of “that the Government of Spain does not count on Andalusia to definitively ruin” to these sectors, “which have been severely punished throughout the pandemic and have made an effort.”

He has also defended and shown the support of the Andalusian Government to a sector that, he recalls, “has been having a bad time for many months” and where “things are being done well, they are keeping the rules, strictly complying with the suggestions regarding capacity, schedules and distance. It is not acceptable that the Government of Spain comes to us now to say we must close, “he snapped.

In this way, Bendodo has ensured that the rules agreed by the Board will be followed because “the Government wants to impose on the autonomous communities rules that are not the competence of the State, which are the competence of the communities,” he specified, alluding to the voices of jurists who speak of “invasion of competences” since the state is not in force. alarm.

Castilla y Len and Castilla-La Mancha demand the return to consensus

From Castilla y Len, the president of the Board, Alfonso Fernndez Maueco, has claimed Pedro Snchez, do not “be obsessed” in increasing the restrictions that stifle the economy. In a series of messages on Twitter, Maueco has defended that the Cental Government “must return to consensus” and has reminded him that “coordination is not imposition.”

The president of Castilla y Len does not mention, however, whether or not the governing community will comply with the guidelines approved without consensus in the Interterritorial Council on Wednesday and published this Saturday in the BOE.

Also the spokeswoman for the Executive of Castilla-La Mancha has indicated that it is necessary to “stop confrontation and reach an agreement.” Without citing without complying or not complying with the restrictions, he has claimed that the measures adopted on the hotel business of his autonomous government are working.

La Rioja postpones compliance for a week

La Rioja maintains the Plan of Measures according to Indicators (PMI) and the precautionary measures of the Superior Court of Justice of La Rioja (TSJR) in their respective areas of action, until next week, in which the Governing Council will transpose the Plan to what was published this Saturday in the BOE.

The Governing Council of the 8th will transpose to the PMI in force in the community the Declaration of Coordinated Actions against Covid-19, published in the BOE, the Riojan Executive has reported this Saturday.

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