The era of the 'sensible consumer'

They send me a question via messenger from Tijuana, from a First Force player, from those ridges. Is it true that it is expulsion if one scratches the home plate to the ampáyer to show him where the ball went, if I never kicked him out of the mother? My answer was forceful. Pretend that you did insult him or reminded him of his mom by scratching home plate. There are many types of protests in baseball, and one of them, the most silent, is with acts. The baseball regulations say very clearly that it is strictly forbidden for a player to protest pitches or counts to the ampáyer, and a clear example of protesting a pitch that for you was a ball and was called as a strike, is to point out where the ball passed. That is a direct expulsion, without further explanation. Nothing to call your attention, if you do it again they will expel you. None of that, if the home amp or his fellow baseman looks at you, they can immediately throw you off the field of play. So now you know.

OLD THE HILLS. Big congratulations to all the veteran players who were part of the Pacific Coast Club Association Tournament (Asccopa), who were crowned champions, especially the “chamacones” led by Lamberto “El Calangón” Sais Guevara, and all his pupils over 65 and 70 years old. These great men of baseball are a great example for all those “modern plebes” who believe they are stars and have not even gone to a state. In baseball, first you achieve achievements and then you must think about believing yourself more than others. Advice, advice only. Good day.

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