El Comidista weekly menu (June 7 to 13)

Our weekly menu is a tribute to vegetables that start their season in June, such as zucchini, which we use in a pasta with bacon, cucumber, in a vegetable salad, or pepper, with which we mark a doublet filling them with cod or including it in a Valencian ‘esgarraet’ that is a scandal. We also know that -according to the popular saying- this week we reach the fortieth of May, the day in which we can take off our coat and, therefore, incorporate very refreshing recipes such as some daring spicy and citrus watermelon popsicles or some old men -but delicious and traditional – lemons ice cream. And remember: if you want to find out before anyone else about everything that is going on, you can subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive El Comidista’s weekly menu in your email every Friday. Here you have all the information.

Monday May 7

Tuesday June 8

Wednesday June 9

Thursday June 10

Friday June 11

Saturday June 12

Sunday June 13

The weekend drink

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