Córdoba on alert: everything closes for two weeks

“Córdoba does not enter into controversy or do politics with the pandemic”, Juan Schiaretti said, and in his statement was the very key of what has been his (mis) management of the pandemic in this province that has been going on for more than two weeks with numbers of infections that exceed 5,000 registered per day.

With the hospitals and health teams collapsed, the Children’s Hospital with sectors enabled to care for children with Covid, its “Córdoba does not stop”, crashed against the health disorder that keeps the test sites and hospitals besieged by increasingly young crowds. health center guards.

The infectious disease doctor Hugo Roland, former director of the Rawson Hospital and the Founder of the HIV-AIDS Program in the province of Córdoba, admitted to Página / 12 that he was “very outraged” because the measures are extremely late “.

-How much earlier do you think they should have been?

-From the beginning. Here there was constant flexibility. From June-July 2020 the bars worked; and on top of that, Córdoba came to the fore with family encounters. And so the spotlights were given. And they always continued in that flexibility. In the summer it was a scandal. And now we are witnessing the highest rate of infected per 100,000 inhabitants per week in the entire country. Let’s go first! Here the discussion has not been technical. There was no will to argue technically. What is more: metaphysical elements were even incorporated, such as that it is a “sin that children do not go to school”, as the Minister of Education (Walter Grahovac) said.

This is dreadful. I don’t know how they are going to stop it. In the month of May we had a 100 percent increase in hospitalizations. The staff is more than collapsed, they are exhausted, they are very bad. They are busted. His work also increased by that percentage and more, 110 percent for what he already had. Covid hospitalizations do not stop.

-Even at the Children’s Hospital …

-Yes. And they claim that children are less likely to become infected. Quite the contrary: from the presence we witness the infection of people at an early age.

-The schools in face-to-face mode shouldn’t have worked?

-With this rate of infected per 100 thousand inhabitants per week, which is about 1,400 in Córdoba, no moderately serious country continued with presence in schools. Germany closes face-to-face classes when the incidence rate every 7 days is greater than 165 cases per 100,000. That is technical, not political. And if one does not speak, does not act, it is also a political position. Inaction is a political position. Look, if there’s a fire in a building, you can’t wait for a consortium meeting to put it out. The fire brigade is called, period. The consensus that Schiaretti said in his speech, in this case is nonsense. The firefighter is him, and he cannot throw the responsibilities to others ”.

Hugo Roland was in charge of the Rawson Hospital for more than two decades, 13 of them as its director, and he is one of the maximum references in infectology in Córdoba. His tone of voice is firm. He recalls almost with annoyance the sayings of the Minister of Health Diego Cardozo when “he said that infections are not going to increase because the little ones go to school; and at the same time he said that the health system was exhausted, but that we have our backs because we have beds. All of this could have been prevented. And they know it. They preferred not to stop and so we are ”.

From Córdoba does not stop, to the consensual Covid

With his typical bangs combed to one side, Schiaretti started his first speech after the operation of a kidney cyst, emphasizing “the pandemic that is plaguing the world, also our Homeland and also our Córdoba”, globalizing what he previously considered almost alien to its territory. “No Covid will stop Córdoba”, the governor tired of repeating for months that, when he admitted that “there are 80 percent of critical beds”, he affirmed that “our scientists, our health teams tell us that this was the limit and that we are going through the peak of Covid, so with mayors and communal heads, who are about 427 ”, it was decided“ by consensus ”to implement measures from Monday, June 7 to Friday, June 18 inclusive.

“This willingness to agree, to speak has characterized us,” he said. socializing responsibilities of a government action that has needed more than 5 thousand infections daily to adhere to the latest National Decree; that it did not carry out controls of any kind since the beginning of the year, including the summer season; who opened the schools and insisted that “the presence (sic) is a priority for us”, in the mouth of his vice Manuel Calvo, and now asks “the collaboration of the people” and that “they sign up to be vaccinated, especially young people who are the ones that move the most ”.

Aware of the contradiction of his own discursive thread, he cut himself short: “It is not to place blame or responsibility on anyone”, and went on to the unobjectionable: the need for vaccination of all from the age of 18.

“We do not do politics with the pandemic. We do what our scientists and our sanitarians say ”he closed shortly after insisting with the Cordovan counterfact that he released since the vaccines began to arrive in Argentina:“ If we could buy, surely more vaccines would arrive ”.

After him, his Minister of Health, Diego Cardozo, continued in the same line of assigning responsibilities outside the government: “This peak (of infections) will depend on whether we respect the controls, that they accompany us and help us,” and then list the restrictive measures that resemble the so-called First Phase: restriction of driving between 20 and 6 in the morning; virtual classes, closed shopping malls, bars and restaurants until 7 pm and with tables for four people and outdoors; do not cross departmental borders; closed nurseries and kindergartens and transportation for essential workers only. Such a kick back in flip flops, as they say in Córdoba, but too late. The number of infections registered a few hours later was 5,357: the highest in the country and the world by number of inhabitants.

For the emergentologist and magister in Bioethics, Carlos “Pecas” Soriano, “what worries most is persistence in error. Especially when that persistence translates into avoidable deaths. When life, health and even death are in hand. With Dr. Oscar Atienza (Master of Public Health) we warned you, we told you in a thousand ways. With documents, one of them on January 28, with scientific citations, with statistics and world figures that endorsed it, We warned them that this was going to happen. Not only were we not heard. We were even reviled and silenced by a sector of the press. Unfortunately, we sadly see that we were right. This is one of the few situations in which one would rather have been wrong. This is what happens is the chronicle of an announced disaster. We said it, we anticipated it and we were not listened to. “

According to Soriano, “Now the governor says he wants to take care of us, and recently a Grahovac official, Dr. Carlos Paz, suggested to the boys and the school teachers, bring blankets and take” active classroom breaks “, a kind of “warming up battle” so that the boys do not freeze in the open classrooms of the presence. Look, I think that from the Schiaretti down, your government would have to apologize to the people of Cordoba. Avoidable deaths are that: avoidable “.


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