According to the Orthodox Church calendar, June 5, 2021 marks the day of remembrance of St. Michael, the MonkMartyr Michael and the Monk Euphrosyne

Sputnik Georgia tells who these saints were and why they are mentioned in the church calendar.

Mikhail Sinadsky

According to the church calendar, on June 5, St. Michael of Sinad is commemorated, who lived at the turn of the 8th-9th centuries in the Byzantine Empire.

From a young age, the future bishop strove for a monastic life. Taking monastic vows early at a monastery on the southern coast of the Black Sea, he performed all his obediences with zeal.

One summer he was in the field at work. It was a very hot day. People were exhausted from thirst, but the springs dried up, as there had been no rain for a long time. The empty copper vessel, through the prayer of Michael, was filled with water, which was enough for everyone.

For his wisdom and righteous life, he was ordained bishop of the city of Sinad. The saint was respected by everyone, including the Byzantine emperors. He was a member of the Seventh Ecumenical Council.

In 813, Leo the Armenian, an iconoclast, ascended the Byzantine throne. The emperor, who considered worshiping icons tantamount to worshiping idols, began to persecute all the clergy and laity who kept the holy images and prayed in front of them.

The bishop stood up courageously against the heretics, denouncing their errors. For disobedience, the saint was exiled. He died in captivity eight years later in 821. The relics of the saint are kept on the holy Mount Athos.


According to the church calendar, on June 5, the MonkMartyr Michael Chernorizets, who lived in the 9th century, is commemorated.

The future monastic martyr was born into a Christian family in the city of Edessa (Mesopotamia). After the death of his parents, distributing the remaining property to the poor, he went to Jerusalem to worship the holy places.

Jerusalem was captured by the Muslims, so the Monk Martyr settled in the monastery of Saint Sava in Palestine. Once he was sent to Jerusalem from the monastery to sell the products of the monks. The eunuch of the Muslim queen Seida liked the monastery products, and he brought the monk to his mistress. The young monk liked the queen, and she tried to persuade him to a sinful relationship.

The rejected mistress, angry, ordered the monk to be beaten with sticks, and then exposed the king to the enemy of Mohammedanism. The king, in turn, tried in vain to persuade the monk to accept the Mohammedan faith, and then ordered to cut off his head.

Abbess of Polotsk

According to the church calendar, on June 5, Saint Euphrosyne is commemorated, Abbess of Polotsk (in the world of Predslav), the patroness of female monasticism in the Russian Church.

From childhood, Predislav, the daughter of Prince Georgy Vseslavich, was distinguished by her love of book learning and prayer. Refusing to marry, she was tonsured with the name Euphrosinia.

With the blessing of St. Elijah of Polotsk, she lived at the St. Sophia Cathedral and was engaged in rewriting books. Around 1128, a nun, on behalf of Bishop Elijah, went to Seltso to set up a nunnery. In the Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya monastery, she taught girls how to rewrite books, sew and other crafts.

Through the efforts of the saint in 1161, a cathedral was built, which has survived to this day. The Monk Euphrosinia also founded the Monastery of the Mother of God, to which Patriarch Luke of Constantinople, at her request, sent a copy of the miraculous Ephesian Icon of the Mother of God.

Before her death, she went on a pilgrimage to holy places with her sister Eupraxia and nephew David. Euphrosinia died peacefully in the Russian monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos in Jerusalem in 1173.


According to the church calendar, the name day is celebrated on June 5 by Euphrosinia, Maria, Alexander, Andrey, Athanasius, Leonty and Michael.

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