One of the things that can annoy you the most is that, for example, your tablet or mobile phone runs out of battery at the least opportune moment and you do not have an electrical outlet nearby to recharge them. Fortunately, these types of situations have an easy solution thanks to a very special complement. It’s about the powerbanks, a kind of Portable Charger or Extreme battery which, as its name suggests, recharges the electronics devices most common. They use, for this, a USB Cable and offer them a extra power thanks to amperage (measured in mAh) that they incorporate.

What models of powerbanks have we chosen?

To make this comparison, we have selected three 10,000 mAh portable external batteries on Amazon and PcComponentes. They are as follows: Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux (8.75), Trust Primo Ultra-thin Powerbank 10,000 mAh (8.5) and Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 (9.5). These are the aspects taken into account in the analysis of each of the devices:

– Design: above all focused on the strength and durability of the model, being an accessory designed not only to be used at home, but outside of it. The balance between their dimensions, weight and capacity.

– Safety: if he powerbank integrates some kind of protection to ensure your safety, and that therefore it does not break or damage in the face of overload situations, short circuits, overheating … In this sense, all three are perfectly prepared and, therefore, they have obtained the highest score in this section.

– Recharge: even if all have an internal 10,000 mAh battery, we have appreciated time differences and some are faster than others when recharging this amperage.

– Performance: How has each external battery behaved? ¿How fast the battery of the devices used charges Y what extra energy do they supply? How is the user experience?

Best external battery for mobiles: this is how we have tested them

In these last weeks, we have replaced the chargers of our electronic devices (mainly tablets and mobile phones) for these three external batteries to check how they work, how long does it take to recharge your 10,000 mAh and the time that must be invested so that the battery of our gadgets is 100%.

The external battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 the winning option has been of this comparison thanks to its rugged design, performance and amount of extra energy that provides our electronic devices.

Powerbank Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3: our choice

Share with other external batteries a safe design that protects it (among others) from input and output overvoltages, and short circuits. The external battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 It also has a temperature regulation mechanism that makes the powerbank operate within a temperature range considered safe; In this regard, it should be noted that we have not noticed that it is hot if, for example, we use it at the same time with two devices.

Available in two colors (black and silver), has dimensions of 147 x 71.2 x 14.2 mm that feel comfortable in the hand. Meanwhile, its 250 grams of weight is not perceived especially uncomfortable, which guarantees that can be transported from one place to another without difficulty. His esthetic Y materials used seem to us the best: the key is in the aluminum alloy metal cover that bathes the entire structure, which provides resistance to shocks and involuntary falls.

Meanwhile, and if we look at their connections, we discover that has two USB-A outputs (one of 2.4A / 5 watts and another of 2.1 / 9 watts). The most remarkable thing about the model is that it makes a nod to fast charging (18 watts) that offers very good results. Along with this double connection, its two ports of entry are located (one is a USB-C interface and the other is a microUSB). Xiaomi promises a charging time of four hours for its 10,000 mAh if you use a 1.5A / 12V charger. In our tests, we reached this result.

To check the available capacity, just press the button Battery check and LED indicators inform the user of this. If this same button is pressed twice, Battery allows charging of other smaller devices like a smart watch or a bracelet.

Buy for € 18.99 on Amazon

Powerbank Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux: the alternative

It is a mobile external battery made of ABS plastic bathed in the upper part by a textured surface that offers a good grip. Their dimensions are small (106 x 52 x 26 mm), weighs 192.5 grams Y comes with a USB-C cable and a bag to transport it safely. Meanwhile, on one of its sides it integrates the only two physical connections available.

One is a USB Type-C port with Power Delivery technology able to deliver a power up to 18 watts. The other is a Class A USB port enabled for PowerIQ, a type of technology smart fast charging which identifies for each device the fastest possible charge, supplying a maximum of 12 watts.

During our tests, we did not detect any anomalies and the 10,000 mAh charging process completed according to our estimates; When we have used it to charge the battery of our electronic devices, the performance has been as expected and the amount of extra power more than enough.

On the other hand, one of the characteristics that most caught our attention is the button located in the upper area, which is surrounded by four blue LEDs that go almost unnoticed. They perform a double function. On the one hand, allows you to check the capacity of the powerbank and, on the other, help the user to activate a lazy charge mode which is useful for those devices that require little energy or power (for example, a wireless headset). Just spin it and press slowly a couple of times.

In the field of security, Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux external battery It has been provided with Multiprotect technology that protects it from short circuits and overloads, among other examples.

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Powerbank Trust Primo Ultra-thin: best value for money

As we have done with the other two external batteriesWe begin this analysis by commenting on the impressions that this external battery has left us as soon as we take it out of its box. It shows off a sober aesthetic and its design draws slightly rounded lines at each of its ends that guarantee a perfect grip.

Measuring 138 x 72 x 15mm, these dimensions take up little space. Of course, it weighs a few grams more than its opponent Anker. Specifically, on the scale it marks 230 grams and although it feels slightly something heavier this does not prevent taking it from one place to another without problems. Its protection functions include short circuits and episodes of overload, overcurrent and overheating.. Therefore, it is a safe product to use.

How about performance? The first thing is that it takes about six hours to recharge its 10,000 mAh. And although it can be used to charge the battery up to three devices at the same time, it is advisable not to do it because you make powerbank and its temperature rises. In this case, provides two USB-A outputs (both 2.4A // 12 watts and auto-detect technology that gives the phone or tablet the maximum power it needs) and a 3A / 15 watt USB-C connector serving as a port of entry.

The battery is also charged via microUSB and his maximum input power is at a current of 2 amps and 10 watts. Day-to-day use is comfortable and with the devices used we obtained an average of three additional charges. You can check the capacity of the Trust Primo Ultra-thin external battery by pressing the button located on one of its sides (to the touch it is a bit hard): when you do it, a row of LED dots lights up at the other end (the more points lit, the greater the available capacity).

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