The Eternals trailer subtly hinted at a connection to the King Arthur legends, meaning the characters may have created the first Black Knight.

Marvel finally released the first trailer for The Eternals, a film that will introduce a new team of powerful superhumans in the MCU and the Black Knight. The first trailer focused on introducing the concept of the film; the idea that the Eternals are a group of ancient aliens who have served as guides for humanity for millennia, but who are forced out of the shadows by an unknown and impending catastrophe.

But the trailer avoided giving details of a specific character; Kit Harington’s Black Knight, who can only be seen in a very brief way. In the comics, Dane Whitman is a scientist who discovered that he was the heir to an ancient legacy. He had inherited the legendary sword called Ebony, a weapon dating back to the days of King Arthur and Camelot. The comics have recently reconfigured this weapon as more powerful than anyone previously thought; it is essentially the antithesis of Mjolnir as it grows in power the more unworthy is its wielder. When the Black Knight lives in all his inner darkness – his rage, his fear, his anger, his insecurity, his wounded pride – he grows in power, becoming what the Avengers call weapons of mass destruction.

black knight

The Eternals trailer hinted at a connection to Camelot

The trailer for The Eternals revealed that these ancient aliens have lived on Earth for approximately 10,000 years, shaping human civilization since before the founding of Babylon. One scene showed the super-speedy Makkari in a room filled with antiques from around the world, from ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire. But one of the most curious details, however, is what appears to be the Holy Grail, which, curiously, is seen next to the packaging of a Big Mac. In legends, the Holy Grail was the cup that Christ used in the Last Dinner, sometimes called Sangreal. It figures prominently in Arthurian legends, with the Knights of the Round Table implicated in its quest. Given the importance of the Holy Grail in Arthurian legends, this subtle Easter egg should be taken as a clue that the Eternals were once in Camelot.

Makkari the Eternals

Makkari the Eternals

However, there may be another hint of an Arthurian connection; the sword wielded by warrior Thena, a gleaming golden weapon seen briefly in the trailers that is presumably created through her manipulation of cosmic energy. Various Arthurian legends suggest that Excalibur was a unique sword that, when drawn, shone as bright as the sun; In the MCU, those myths may be simply pointing to a sword created by Thena, hinting that she is the one who gave Arthur his famous weapon, that is, that she is the Lady of the Lake. Some leaked images from the filming of The Eternals have shown Thena in a white dress, standing collecting water in a lake; more scenes from the same location showed a medieval burial pyre on fire, perhaps referencing the deaths of Arthur and Excalibur being returned to the Lady of the Lake.

thena eternals

thena eternals

It is interesting to note that the comics themselves seem to be hinting at a connection between the Eternals and Camelot as well, with Black Knight: The Curse of the Ebony Blade, a series that serves to reconnect the black knight prior to his MCU debut, even revealing that the black knight is a descendant of King Arthur, suggesting that the city was born with “heavenly engines.” In the comics, the Celestials were the beings that created the Eternals. Marvel is trying to establish a close synergy between the movies and the comics right now, so that may well be an important indicator.

The Eternals may have created the Black Knight

All of this raises the possibility that the Eternals were responsible for creating the Black Knight. In the comics, the first Black Knight was Sir Percy of Scandia, a man who was recruited by the wizard Merlin to defend Camelot. They gave him Ebony, a magical weapon that made him almost invincible in battle. This Black Knight adopted a dual identity, playing the role of a vain noble while actually serving as Camelot’s main champion and defender. Tragically, the Black Knight was actually the one who condemned Camelot, because his decision to reclaim the Ebony put the kingdom on a path of violence and war.

The MCU version of the Black Knight may have received a cosmic weapon from Thena; Although the Eternals claim never to have interfered in human affairs, that is clearly only a half truth, given that they were shown revealing their spaceship to a group of humans in ancient Mesopotamia and several of them appear to have rallied in defense of Babylon. . Thena could have been heavily involved in Camelot, creating Ebony and linking her to Sir Percy’s lineage of Scandia. Whatever threat is about to force the Eternals out of the shadows, it might as well require the use of the Ebony. There would be a suitably mythical idea in this, fitting well with the old legend that Arthur himself would return to save England in its time of trial; if the MCU makes Dane Whitman an ancestor of Arthur himself.

For now, this is still just a theory, although it seems pretty persuasive; The possible presence of the Holy Grail in the Eternals trailer, accompanied by those intriguing photos from the set, strongly suggests that there is a prior connection between the Eternals and Camelot. Given that is the case, it is reasonable to assume that there is a direct link between the Eternals and the Ebony in the MCU, given that otherwise the Marvel movie would likely introduce too many new concepts for a movie. Hopefully, the next trailer will focus a bit more on the Black Knight, confirming this connection and explaining why the Black Knight is an important part of the plot.

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