The life of the Sanchist is hard. Any day you can get up with the urge to make up an argument that contradicts what was said before going to sleep. Therefore, there is the risk of saying ridiculous things, like Ábalos the other day, his comparison between Junqueras and Nelson Mandela. Words so crude, so grotesque and therefore so laughable, that they are not even outrageous because they move more towards compassion than towards scandal. Poor Mandela and poor Ábalos. Too bad …

Next week they will have it easier because the slogan will only have five letters: Colon. The photo, of course. The distraction maneuver. Talk more about the square that of pardons with the intention of misleading the socialist voter while vomiting. Move the focus to shift responsibility and blame not the criminals, not those who have given them an open bar, but those who reject injustice. Propaganda. It worries me that the power has to look good to the place where the opposition is manifesting itself.

In this relative Spain, it is already natural to cross out those who want the law to be respected and to dress as heroes those who want to smash the country in our face. History is no longer just rewritten for us. Now also the present, in real time.

In this relative Spain, it is already natural to cross out those who want the law to be respected and to dress those who want to break the country as heroes

Here, the political debate turned off as it is, it is customary to sell the arguments to us without anyone stopping for a moment to doubt the starting budgets. Is what happens with pardons. We have been told that they are a step forward because they will defuse the conflict and will generate harmony. However, there is not much interest in discerning whether this is morally acceptable, politically correct and practical, as well as true.

The starting point is false. It is not a step forward, but backward, it is a political error and will not bring harmony, but will increase polarization even more. The conflict will not be resolved with an agreement between half of Spain – the left – with half of Catalonia – the nationalists, in fact, half of the half because the cuperos and those of Puigdemont They’re wanting the Republicans to crash.

The true search for the solution inevitably involves an agreement between the central forces of Spain and for a minimal understanding between nationalist and non-nationalist Catalans. Along this path of Frankenstein only the confrontation can grow. The pardons are a step backwards because they increase, in the eyes of nationalism, the perception of weakness of the State. Its approval without counterparts, without guarantees of non-recidivism, is an invitation to blackmail and not to negotiation. Any withdrawal of constitutionalism is seen as a reconquest by nationalism.

And they are a political mistake for at least two reasons. First for the damage inflicted on Spanish justice. Not only in terms of the external image of the country, since the Government’s efforts to have Strasbourg overrule the Supreme it entails ruling that trials are held here that are not fair and that human rights are not respected. The pardons also represent a blow to the Spanish perception of our judicial system in a time of serious institutional crisis.

Second mistake, even more serious, pardons are an unforgivable exercise of generational selfishness. Another one from Sánchez who is negotiating a truce with the independence movement so that those who come behind have no choice but to sign defeat.

The utility, the function of pardons is not the general interest, it is not the search for the solution to a problem, it is an agreement between two political forces that share the objective of perpetuating themselves in power. Sánchez He wants two more years to sell the vaccines and the aid that Europe brings us. Aragonès wants to sink the roots of ERC in the Catalan client society and power evict those from Puigdemont.

Junqueras seeks ten years for the number of Catalans who want independence to reach 60%. For that you have to rule on the edge of the law

At the same time, Junqueras seeks ten years for the number of Catalans who want independence reach 60%. For that, it is necessary to govern on the edge of the law, neutralize the courts, avoid the presence of the State, start Spanish from the classrooms, complete the brainwashing process and the implantation of the single thought from the Catalan media, to be winning in competitions, and, as soon as possible, disrupt the financing. Now the operative chief of the sedition has everything at his fingertips.

The release of Junqueras from prison is not going to change the history of Spain, what it will do later it can. His entry into the negotiating table is bad news for the survival of Spain because it will damage, even more, the principle of equality that protects us all Spaniards. Being born today in one part of the country instead of another already means starting to live with less life expectancy, with a worse education, with a less equipped health system. That principle, which explains the historical rejection of socialism to all nationalisms, is today more threatened than a month ago. Are the leaders of the PSOE in a position to stand up to a financing reform drafted in four hands by Junqueras and Iceta?

Photo: The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès (i), and the President of ERC, Oriol Junqueras.  (EFE)

I think that all socialists would have to make a critical reading of the starting concept that sustains the argument of the sanchista pardons. I believe it because I consider that the story is false and the measurement is an error that leads us to the defeat of constitutionalism. And I think that those who oppose pardons have, in addition to the right to demonstrate, the civic obligation to assume that the rational and political battle must take place from a truthful discourse. Rational. Political.

And that begins by underlining, in my opinion, the trap that pardons are part of the path to resolution. Not so, they are a toll on the highway to the cliff. ‘Ho tornarem a fer’. Like Mandela, but in reverse.

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