Despite the obligation of the communities to comply with what was agreed this Thursday in the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System, the autonomies governed by the PP, which during the meeting voted against the measures finally approved, they stand firm without intention to carry them out. The president of the Xunta de Andalucía, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has warned that “the threats have no effect on us” while the Community of Madrid labels the approved measures as “fraud”.

Feijóo has demanded this Friday “dialogue” to approve the actions that the communities have to follow and has claimed that throughout the last year of the health crisis “each community establishes, in accordance with its clinical committees, the protocols of gradual and proportional opening “, a system that in Galicia “is working”. “We continue to be one of the communities with the lowest incidence and we are the community with the lowest mortality,” he defended.

Feijóo regretted that the Xunta sat down in that Interterritorial Council on Wednesday “to make recommendations” and stood up. “with regulations required by the Government, that gets the support of the Socialist Party communities “. “It is the unilateral imposition of the central government to the autonomous communities, which we have been assuming alone responsibility for managing the pandemic, “added Feijóo.

Not in vain, he has taken the opportunity to affirm that Galicia will continue “with the clinical committee of the Servizo Galego de Saúde (Sergas) working and proposing to the Galicians the best to take care of them”. “We don’t need the central government to take care of usWe have been taking care of ourselves and proving that we are responsible, “he stressed.

The government’s proposal is neither “suitable” nor “proportional”

In the same way, Antonio Zapatero, Deputy Minister of Public Health and Covid-19 Plan of the Community of Madrid, has spoken this morning, who sees an “intervention” of the Government to the communities and, at a press conference to report on the situation epidemiological in the Community of Madrid, has transferred that they do not have “any notification of the communicated order” and, therefore, they do not feel “attached” to that decision.

“Once the State of Alarm subsides, responsibility is transferred to the communities. The council makes recommendations and what it has to do is seek consensus. It seems to us that what it is doing is fraud and an intervention,” he said. In addition, the deputy counselor considers that the proposal made by the Ministry is not “suitable” with the current situation, nor is it “proportional”. “It seems to us a fraud to use the Interterritorial Council to impose those measures that do not make any sense,” he has settled.

No consensus on covid measures

In addition to Galicia and Madrid, Andalusia, Castilla y León and the Basque Country They showed their disagreement with the covid measures. This lack of consensus has led them to ask that they are not mandatory, in the case of Andalusia, and that they remain in recommendations.

The Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, recalled that “The competences in matters of Public Health belong to the autonomous communities and, therefore, we understand that these proposals should remain in recommendations, since they do not add anything new to those that are already in force in Andalusia “.

For its part, the Junta de Castilla y León warned the Minister of Health that, if the measures are approved, they will appeal them legally and request precautions. This was expressed by Vice President Francisco Igea, who criticized that the Government uses “repeatedly the Interterritorial Council to exercise authoritarianism and shirk their responsibilities and leaving the responsibility to others. “

The lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, framed this Thursday in the “absolute confusion” the decisions adopted in the Interterritorial Health Council, has considered that they invade regional powers and has made it clear that Euskadi will follow its own “roadmap” to cope with the pandemic.


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