The ‘popular’ also argue that the offense, had it occurred, could have prescribed

Mara Dolores de Cospedal, on Wednesday, upon arrival at the Congress.EFE

The PP has decided to organically support Mara Dolores de Cospedal, accused of alleged crimes of embezzlement, influence peddling and bribery in the caso Kitchen. Despite the party statutes giving rise to opening an informative file and despite the fact that, in a similar situation, it was opened to former minister Jorge Fernndez, the popular They have decided not to take any action against the former Secretary General and former Minister of Defense.

The Rights and Guarantees Committee of the PP, chaired by Andrea Levy, met on Friday afternoon to analyze the situation in Cospedal. “In accordance with the party’s statutes, the Committee has agreed not to open an information file,” PP sources have revealed, because the alleged conduct does not result from the “exercise of a public or representative office.”

The PP claims that article 22.1 of the Statutes stipulates the opening of the file “in the event that an affiliate incurs in any form of corruption in the exercise of a public or representative office.” What the PP does not say is that the article does not end there, but also stipulates the opening of a file for members who do not meet ethical standards. And what the PP does not point out is that Cospedal acted as a public position: president of Castilla la Mancha. In fact, the judge has indicted his chief of staff at the Junta for the same acts.

But the Rights and Guarantees Committee understands that “it will be the court in charge of the investigation that must determine whether Mrs. Cospedal has incurred” in corruption “and in any criminal offense or not.” If the judge opened an oral trial, then the PP should open not an informative file, but a disciplinary one, directly.

What the PP is waiting for is Cospedal’s “material” imputation. In an interview this Friday in RNE, the Secretary of Justice of the popular He has pointed out that “we are before a call from a judge” and then “there will be a statement” and then “it will have to determine if there is an accusation, not only formal as is the case but not material”. It was at that moment, Lpez said, when it was decided whether to open a file, “like any other militant.”

As I advance THE WORLD, the PP has been dodging the rigorous interpretation of the statutes with the hope that Cospedal will be imputed in a short time. In addition to this internal blow, the party supported her in the preparation of her failed appearance in the Congress of Deputies. In fact, positions of the Popular Parliamentary Group accompanied her upon her arrival at the Cortes.

In addition to the interpretation on the opening of the information file, the PP ensures that the alleged infractions of the former leader have prescribed. “The Rights and Guarantees Committee points out that article 19.2 of the Statutes establishes the limitation periods of the alleged infractions committed by an affiliate since it could be committed”, point out the sources of the PP.

Well, that article establishes a maximum limitation period of five years, and the facts of the trama Kitchen They occurred mainly in 2013 and 2014 and, therefore, everything will have been prescribed for internal purposes. In addition, this precept of the statutes adds that the Rights and Guarantees Committee “may suspend compliance with the firm sanction imposed on an affiliate, when it is considered that there are exceptional circumstances that advise it, and that they must be motivated by resolution of this organism”.

The Committee has recalled that it is “the party organ that is responsible for both the interpretation of the statutes and the application of the disciplinary regime, as well as ensuring the exemplary nature of public positions without detriment to the presumption of innocence pending the corresponding judicial decisions “. That is, the decision has nothing to do with Pablo Casado.

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