Sonsoles Soto Mories was already called ‘the muse of Avila’ before becoming famous for reading erotic poetry on television in Castilla y León. “I just want to open your provocative legs to access the wet treasure of your vulva and absorb your clitoris”, started the dedication that he read before thousands of viewers and that has been viralized by social networks “I opened that poem at random, and the truth is that I hesitated to read it or not, but I said to myself: why not, if it’s in the book! ”, she tells this newspaper about the television moment that has made her famous throughout Spain. “I do not have Twitter but my daughter has been teaching me the messages … The truth is that I am a little scared with what is being said, because it is not true …”, says this retired nurse.

As he clarifies, the poem was dedicated to him by a friend, now deceased, with whom did not have any friction beyond friendship. “He respected me and was a very good friend. I only ask that he be respected also because he is no longer on this plane, ”he explains on the other end of the phone.

Sonsoles has been writing since he went to a school for nuns in his native Avila, but has never had such an impact as these days. At 71 years old, this retired nurse has always lived accompanied by writing, which helped her overcome premature death of her daughter and her first husband in less than two years. “I took refuge in writing and I did it anywhere, on a napkin, on a piece of paper … but I always threw it away because it was just a way to get rid of the pain.”

“I took refuge in writing and I did it anywhere, on a napkin, on a piece of paper …”

Over time, she began to see that her verses also helped other people, such as the patients she has cared for in the three hospitals where she has worked, Ávila, Barcelona and Mallorca, where she met her second husband, also deceased. “When I saw a sick person who was downcast, or a colleague, I would write them a poem to make them feel better. My boss put them on the wall, although I was very embarrassed. One day a psychologist came and told me that she knew why she was doing it, and that he did not stop doing it, and until today ”.

Although she loved studying, she had to drop out of classes when she finished compulsory education. “I was the youngest of 18 siblings and my parents couldn’t afford it, so I started doing typing courses with a union and then I took my exam as a nurse. As a young child they called me whirlwind, because I didn’t stop doing things. In my life, I have always carried a piece of advice that my aunt gave me: ‘“Show yourself to be a great lady, a great lady and never be ashamed of what you do”.

In his last book (he has three) is when he has most developed his ability for erotic poetry. “The previous one was more about feelings, about life, about my daughter … but they told me why not try other things. I got to it and I got erotic poetry. It came out like that, just like that, but I was a little scared to get into that world, so I shared it with poetry friends from Barcelona, ​​Colombia, Mexico… They told me: it’s wonderful! and they encouraged me to continue. “They were the ones who dubbed her ‘the muse of Avila’ as she proudly looks on her Facebook profile.” They asked me if it bothered me but not at all, I’m grateful. ”

The book that he presented on television, ‘Creating Souls’He alternates both his own poems and those of his friends-admirers. “I am very proud of the poems they send me, that they write me something like that is so beautiful! After all, people are love, we are made of love. Why make something dirty out of something so beautiful? Why cover our eyes and glimpse our fingers to see it? I do not understand, if something seems good to you, you read it and if not, do not read it. If we all read more, even if it is erotic poetry, the world would not be the way it is”.

“After all, people are love, we are made of love. Why make something dirty out of something so beautiful?”

As he did with his patients, now he shares the poems with his followers on Facebook or Instagram and sometimes he even has requests. “I try to reach people by writing, if it’s not to help I’m not interested in writing. Each one then with his mind can fly or do whatever he wants, but making something beautiful that is taboo, no matter how old you are, is absurd. ”

For now, he wants to continue specializing in erotic poetry, although later “if God and osteoarthritis” allow it, he would like to focus on more mystical content. “More pulling Saint Teresa of Jesus and Saint John of the Cross, who are my two great references ”. For now, this morning a bookstore in Ávila has already called her to replenish more of her books.

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