In the ruling party they trust that the meeting next Tuesday in the Chamber of Deputies with the laboratories that produce the vaccines against covid-19 will end the controversies, political speculations and media operations against the negotiations that the Government undertook to obtain the immunization of the population in the face of the pandemic. The Speaker of the Lower House, Sergio MassaFor that day, he summoned “under the warning of law” – according to the resolution – the representatives of all the laboratories with which the Argentine State negotiated the purchase of vaccines, including those with which an agreement was not reached, such as Pfizer. From the presidency of the body they affirmed to PageI12 that the “exhibitions“That will be held at the meeting – in which authorities of the legislative blocks, the General Legislation and Health commissions will also participate -” will be open and transmitted by the signal of Diputados TV.

The resolution that Massa signed on Wednesday night maintains in its first article that the call to the laboratories is “in order to give explanations about the current contractual status or under discussion and other issues related to the Ministry of Health of the National Executive Power.” . The meeting will be on Tuesday, June 8 at 10 am in the Delia Parodi Room of the Lower House.

From the Chamber, he summoned the directors of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm and the Gamaleya Institute, producer of the vaccine Sputnik. Until last night there were no confirmations of the assists.

The call to the laboratories was also not excluded from the controversies between the ruling party and the opposition. The head of the macrista interblock of Together for Change, the radical Mario Negri, anticipated in journalistic media the citation of the laboratories as an “agreement” that he had reached with Massa, before the head of the Lower House released the official resolution .

Something similar happened yesterday. From JpC they let it be known that in a meeting of interblock authorities (Negri, the macrista Silvia Lospennato and the lilito Juan Manuel López) with Massa where the “main conclusion” was that the meeting “will not be closed” and that it will be broadcast. A claim that Negri had been commissioned to amplify.

Close to the presidency of the Chamber they affirmed to PáginaI12 that it was not an agreement with the opposition and that Massa had already decided that “attendance (at the meeting) will be reserved and the exhibitions will be public with transmission on DTV “. What Massa had transmitted to the opposition deputies in that meeting.

In the ruling party, they also sought to lower the decibels of the confrontation with the opposition before the meeting. “It seems to me a wise decision, because in fact it is Parliament that made the law for the purchase of vaccines within the framework of the covid. And the same law also establishes that information can be requested through its commissions. The important thing is to continue vaccinating and bringing vaccines, “Cecilia Moreau, vice president of the bench of deputies of the Frente de Todos, told this newspaper.

The important thing is that the opposition participates in this meeting called by the president of the Chamber to clear ghosts and doubts about the hiring and the complexity of the provision of vaccines, before, now and in the future”Added Pablo Yedlein, the president of the Deputies’ Health commission, to PáginaI12.

Massa’s call to the laboratories was made after the Minister of Health herself, Carla Vizzotti, came out to ratify that the Government never rejected Pfizer vaccines through the Covax mechanism and revealed the text of an email sent to him on Wednesday morning by the director of the Covax Fund for Latin America, Santiago Cornejo, to reject the use of the versions that the opposition made on the subject.

Vizzotti even asked the opposition and the media “to lower the tension and the obsession with Pfizer because the Government wants to buy from Pfizer and Pfizer wants to sell to Argentina.” In principle, the minister would not be the party in Tuesday’s meeting in the lower house.


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