'Tekken 7', 'Project CARS 3' and seven other great Bandai Namco games valued at 323 euros for 17 euros in this Humble Bundle

In Humble Bundle you can usually find interesting offers for software, books, comics, movies and, of course, video games. The latter are precisely those that concern us right now, since in Humble Bundle you can find a bundle with seven great Bandai Namco games at a knockdown price.

The games included in the pack are ‘CODE VEIN’, ‘Project CARS 3’, ‘Tales of Zestiria’, ‘RAD’, ‘Little Nightmares Complete Edition’, ‘TEKKEN 7’, ‘Tales of Berseria’, ‘Katamari Damacy REROLL ‘and’ PAC-MAN 256 ‘. These games are valued at 323 euros, but we can take them home for 16.58 euros. It should be noted that this price will increase as more people bought the bundle, so the figure is likely to increase throughout the day.

Four options for from one euro

GamesGames The nine games in the pack.

As always happens when we talk about the Humble Bundle, this pack includes four options, each more expensive and, in turn, complete. We can pay one euro to get a single game or 16.58 euros to get the nine that make up the list. The four options are as follows:

  • A game: PAC-MAN 256 for one euro.
  • Four games: the previous one plus TEKKEN 7, Tales of Berseria and Katamari Damacy REROLL for 9.99 euros.
  • Seven games: the previous one plus ‘Tales of Zestiria’, ‘RAD’ and ‘Little Nightmares Complete Edition’ for 15.83 euros.
  • Complete pack with nine games: all of the above plus ‘Project CARS 3’ and ‘CODE VEIN’ for 16.85 euros.

The most prominent games are ‘Project CARS 3‘(a great racing simulator),’CODE VEIN‘(and RPG estilo’ Souls ‘postapocalíptico),’TEKKEN 7‘(one of the best known fighting games) and’Little Nightmares‘(a highly recommended puzzle game with touches of terror). ‘Tales of …’ are Bandai’s RPGs, ‘RAD’ is a humorous roguelike and ‘PAC-MAN 256’ is an infinite kite with online multiplayer.

As detailed by the Humble Bundle on the pack page, all the games in the pack are available on Steam for Windows and some on Mac and Linux. The money, of course, will go to a charity and the publisher. Currently more than 53,000 sales have been made that have raised a total of 153,195.63 euros. It should be noted that this pack will not be here until the end of time, but will disappear in five days.

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