A Gerardo Reyero He had a hard time recognizing himself as the voice of Mamoru Chiba, Usagi Tsukino’s eternal love in the anime series Sailor Moon. It wasn’t until a fan told him firmly at a convention that he understood that he was the voice of Tuxedo Mask and was part of a saga that broke paradigms and positioned women as heroines.

“[Sailor Moon] it gives a wonderful place to women and that fascinates me about this story “, Gerardo said in an exclusive interview to Who PREMIERE on the occasion of your participation in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie, which premiered this week in Netflix.

The iconic voice actor, renowned for bringing other characters like Freeza from Dragon Ball, Han Solo in Star Wars o Captain of The House of the drawingsHe even humorously takes on his incredibly popular role as Usagi’s love interest, as he is often the one who must be rescued. But even more important, see in this franchise the value of its different representations of love with a universal feeling.

This is what we talked to Gerardo Reyero about Sailor Moon:

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When we talk about Tuxedo Mask, we mean a character that was not originally yours, but once you took it, it became yours or at least it is. in the fan’s mind. What does Darien / Mamoru Chiba mean to Gerardo Reyero?

Notice that when I entered to dub it it was by Genaro Vásquez and I remember telling Paty Acevedo, who has been the dubbing director of this series for many years –and she did it again now in the film–: “But… it’s that the voice of Genaro and mine are not alike at all. You wouldn’t think of giving us the same character ever. He has a more youthful voice and I have always had a more mature voice. Then, Paty said to me: “This is exactly what I want. I want Darien to stop being so immature and so youthful, to become someone more mature, someone with whom Serena can fall in love. She wanted Darien to really feel like a man older than her and she wanted to reflect that through her voice and acting. “We are going to remake the character. I don’t want you to do anything he did. It will be completely different. We are going to transform him into a gentleman; That was Paty Acevedo’s instruction. And I think it was a very successful one because we always work it as a gentleman, as one of these young people who are actually very young gentlemen, who become gentlemen. I also had to be a gentleman. I was very serious since I was young and I already had a strong voice, so they even thought that I was older. So I really liked Darien. The only thing I had to do, that I can assure you, was to work on my treble registers so that it didn’t sound so old either. But I loved it, and when I was finally able to accept that I was Darien in this new convention I was able to start making it my own.

I have had thanks to Darien the most beautiful and bizarre anecdotes than with any other character. In truth, no one has given me the anecdotes that I have had with Darien, like this case of a girl with visual impairment from Mérida. I have told this many times, but she came up to me, they took her in a wheelchair, and as soon as she heard me, she said: “Darien, Darien! I still stupid told him: “No! How do you think? I am not darien. His companion, who was another woman, told me: “No, sir. Please don’t tell him that, because for her there is the reference of the series and for her my voice is the character. You do not know how I fell twenty and can perfectly understand what our career is, but not only what it is in importance, but also in responsibility and commitment to the public that listens to us, the public that recognizes us through the series. Since then, I do my work from another perspective, knowing that to someone else it can mean all their youth, all their childhood. Darien in that sense is the one who changed the way I see and do my work.

How wonderful, Gerardo! And now that 25 years have passed, how did you feel about taking up this character again?

With great responsibility. Before, voice actors were complete strangers and, suddenly, with social networks, they began to locate us more easily. Then it came Sailor Moon Crystal. Who are they going to make Darien? They started a rebating among the fans that I loved: “I love them; “Not! I want new ones because they are going to hear old people. They even surveyed who they wanted: Mr. Vásquez? Mr. Reyero? Someone else? I am fascinated, because you know that all this, publicity is good or bad, it always suits us. There was so much noise that it reached Toei’s ears and they said, “Okay. We are going to do voice tests to see who will stay with Mamoru now. Finally, I stayed, either because I was the one who had done it the longest or I don’t know who would choose there in Toei, I have no idea. And it’s Toei, so I was scared because I thought that I also make Freeza and they might say, “We don’t want Freeza like Mamoru!” [ríe].

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That dichotomy that you point out is very interesting. You make one of the most wonderful villains in history, but you also make one of the most romantic heroes. How do you manage to go from Freeza to Mamoru?

You know? Many people did not know that I was Darien; They didn’t know that I was Mamoru. They told me: “You, you are Freeza. Then, I would start doing Mamoru and they would say, “Oh, you’re Mamoru too! [ríe]. Guys, it’s called acting. Actually actors are addicted to acting because we love to play different characters. Today we can do Othelloby William Shakespeare; tomorrow, we are someone in The masonsby Vicente Leñero; and the day after tomorrow we are other characters. The dubbing is wonderful because one day we are Superman; another day we can be the Captain; another day we can be The Mask; another day we can be Freeza. And that is a blessing. Sure, as long as you’re an actor. It is a fact that if you are not an actor your career is going to be very complicated. We have to interpret and that is the challenge.

What has been the most important lesson that the saga of Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon is a series ahead of its time. A character who undoubtedly broke paradigms and positioned women as a heroine, gave her a place in the world of superheroes and that seems wonderful to me. I made fun of it, I make fun of it a lot even to this day at conventions, when I say that Serena has a boyfriend who is useless, because every time he wants to rescue her, the one they have to end up rescuing is him, because he ends up beaten, all bruised or kidnapped, and Sailor Moon has to save him. He just throws a rose and climbs on a pole perfectly dressed in frag yells: “Do it now, Sailor Moon!; it’s the only thing it does. The series gives its place to the man, yes, but it gives a wonderful place to the woman as well and that fascinates me about this story. Sailor Moon it also speaks of the power of love and that is important. The force of love that is present in the friendship between them; the power of love between a couple; the strength of parent-child love, in the case of Chibi-Usa; the power of love between unconventional couples. That seems wonderful to me because love is love, love is universal. That is what leaves me as a great teaching Sailor Moon And it is what we try to project through our work, what I try to project by making Mamoru Chiba, a totally loving, tender, chivalrous, respectful being who deeply loves Usagi, her daughter and the entire planet.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie Part 1 and Part 2 is now available in Netflix. You can read our review HERE.

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