The president of the PSD, Rui Rio, considered this Friday that António Costa is using the revision of the labor law as an “engagement ring” that he wants to give to the PCP to keep the majority.

The revision of the labor law is a kind of engagement ring, which António Costa wants to give to the Communist Party, as if to say, ‘you have this ring here, if you now vote me on the budget’. This is absolutely clear. It’s not that the country is interested, it is the Government’s interest to achieve a majority, which has been running away from it”, he stated.

Rui Rio was speaking at Guarda, during the presentation of the 14 Social Democratic candidates in that district.

During the intervention, the PSD leader stressed the importance of local authorities in the national panorama and considered that they are an opportunity for the Portuguese to show a “card” of discontent to the Government and António Costa.

For Rui Rio, the prime minister, António Costa is doing “everything in his power to hold power”, leaving the country to second place, and adopting a propaganda strategy.

The most important thing is to hold power, the country is in second place”, he added.

Stressed that there are still “too many accumulated errors”, Rui Rio accused the Government of disguising it with “propaganda” and gave the example of the recent announcement concerning decent housing for the Portuguese.

We are all aware that the Government has disguised these errors with propaganda. The last one – but I think the Portuguese no longer eat this with great ease – but the last one is that the prime minister has come to say that in 2024 all Portuguese will have a decent house”, pointed.

Rui Rio stressed that the goal of 2024 is three years from now and, resorting to irony, he considered this announcement “a fantastic thing”.

With regard to local authorities, he reiterated the goal of achieving a greater number of municipalities for the PSD and assumed that the 2021 elections “have added importance”, given that, during three consecutive elections, the party has been losing mayor, councilors, municipal assemblies and parish councils.

The PSD has to turn around what has been happening, in the last 12, and in particular, in the last eight years“, said.

Recalling that the PSD has 98 mayors against 161 of the PS, he appealed the appeal for everyone’s commitment so that the course of things could “turn around” and start “to climb strongly”.

Speaking in a council where, in addition to the PSD candidate (Carlos Chaves Monteiro, current president), the independent candidacy of the council’s outgoing president (Sérgio Costa) has also been announced, Rui Rio assumed that the processes are not always peaceful, but reiterated that the choices do not take into account “personal ambitions”, but rather who had the “best conditions”.

Rui Rio also highlighted the objective of the PSD to continue to lead the Guard, which is the district capital, and showed absolute confidence in Carlos Chaves Monteiro.

“We have the right man here, who has the support of the district, who has the support of the national and who has the support of the militants and who will certainly have the support of all the inhabitants of Guarda,” he pointed out.

A confidence that extended to all candidates in the district.

On behalf of all, Carlos Chaves Monteiro, stressed the commitment of all to contribute to making the territory more “developed and more competitive” and highlighted that the PSD has “the best combat group” for this challenge in the 14 districts of the district.

On the PSD list in the district are the current mayors of Almeida (António Machado), Celorico da Beira (Carlos Ascenção), Gouveia (Luís Tadeu), Guarda (Carlos Chaves Monteiro) and Pinhel (Rui Ventura).

They are also joined by Vítor Proença (Sabugal) and João Paulo Sousa (Vila Nova de Foz Côa), who are currently vice president of the respective municipalities.

The list of Social Democrats also includes Fernando Andrade (Aguiar da Beira), Carlos Condesso (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo), Joaquina Domingues (Fornos de Algodres), Nuno Soares (Manteigas), João Mourato (Mêda), Luís Caetano (Seia). ) and João Carvalho (Trancoso).

In the 2017 municipal councils, seven municipalities in the district were conquered by the PSD, six by the PS and one by an independent movement.


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