The virus closed the doors to the financial maneuvers to which emerging and border countries were subjected; liberalism had to appeal to the vaccine against covid-19, as a novel tool for geopolitical conquest in the world. Banks, investment funds and also the financial resources of powerful states were directed to finance the pharmaceutical industry, setting two priorities for them: a) geopolitical conquest in exchange for the vaccine, b) higher profits and finally preserve the life in dependent countries. The immunogen allowed powerful states to wage a silent war, seeking conquest without a single shot, but with millions killed. The war investors bought vaccines that exceed 500% of their population needs, to the detriment of the poor states, which still could not vaccinate 1% of their inhabitants, (“Vaccine Hoarders”, LA GACETA 12/17/20). In a fit of compassion, the IMF proposed to the G-20 to have US $ 50 billion available to put an end to the pandemic in the world; the amount suggested by the credit agency to save billions of people is less than the inexplicable and unpayable debt, with which Macri paralyzed the country (“La Deuda”, LA GACETA, 4/5/21); the first to preserve life, the second to give life to financial markets. The crisis in the country is responsible for action and omission; on the one hand, the macrista pandemic, flanked by antiquarantine attacks on the national government; and on the other, the errors of the national Cabinet, where officials who do not function make wrong decisions, which are as lethal as the virus, affecting the most unprotected sectors of the social arc, taking them to extreme situations (“What the President should have foreseen” , LA GACETA, 3/28/21); An example of this is the Ministry of Social Development and its areas of influence, because when it announced improvements for retirees, food cards, AUH, etc., it never controlled the increase in prices and rates of services; The critical situation shows that the Economic and Social Agreement did not make any contribution to control the crisis, therefore Perón was right when he said: “if you want something not to be done, set up a commission.” Mr. President, the effort that you are making in all sectors, trying to channel the ship, is commendable, but the ballast must be thrown overboard, otherwise, what the virus does not achieve, hunger will achieve. Save the ship’s passengers!

Jose Emilio Gomez

[email protected]

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