'Monster of Victory' case: 35 years in prison for drugging and abusing his daughters and a niece

The Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has sentenced 35 years in prison a 54-year-old man for the sexual abuse suffered for years by two of his daughters, born from two different relationships, and a niece, all three minors.

The Prosecutor’s Office had requested 42 years in prison for this man, without a criminal record and who may have abused two of his sisters when they were minors, as well as a niece, but these episodes are considered prescribed.

To one of his daughters, when he began to show reluctance to continue having sexual relations, he administered benzodiazepines, with hypnotic effects, which he dissolved in the drink without her knowledge, to achieve his purpose.

This was the older of the two children who had the fruit of a second relationship.

It seems that this girl was subjected to touching of a sexual nature and digital and vaginal penetrations “practically every weekend and Wednesday” of the visits legally agreed upon in the process of separation from her mother.

The abuses were committed in his car or in an office that the defendant had in the upper part of the current family home, which at that time was uninhabited and under construction, in the Tenerife municipality of La Victoria de Acentejo.

There, he frequently made his daughter watch videos with pornographic content and asked her to behave like the female characters in the videos, because she “liked that a lot”.

On all occasions, she told the girl that it was a secret between them, that she could not tell anyone, especially her mother, and that it was “something normal that she had to learn,” and that it was “what people did who they loved each other, ”says the prosecution’s brief.

The same pattern followed with the eldest daughter resulting from her second relationship, to which she subjected “from a very young age”, with complete and continuous sexual relations.

In this case, the scene of the abuses was both the aforementioned office and the family home, either in the matrimonial bedroom or in the girl’s room.

That, when he did not bump into her in other rooms of the house, or when she slept, to touch him, and the now condemned man tried several times to make the minor masturbate him, but the girl did not agree, and when she began to be reluctant to have sexual intercourse he began to sedate her to nullify her will and resistance.

In addition to his two daughters, the convicted man abused the daughter of a cousin of his who spent the night at the family home, and this minor, as a result of the events, presents anxious and depressive symptoms and low self-esteem.

In the case of his daughters, they do not present apparent sequels, although it is not ruled out, especially in the case of one of them, that they develop in the future.

As the author of a continuous crime of sexual abuse against one of his daughters, he has been sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison, with the accessory of absolute disqualification and payment of the costs of the trial, and is prohibited from approaching less than 500 meters of the young woman for a time greater than ten years than the sentence, as well as to compensate the victim with 60,000 euros.

And as the author of a continuous crime of sexual abuse of minors and sexual abuse, he has been sentenced to 15 years in prison, with the accessory of absolute disqualification and payment of the costs of the trial, in addition to special disqualification for any trade or profession, as approaching less than 500 meters, in addition to compensating the other daughter with 60,000 euros.

As the perpetrator of a crime of sexual abuse of a minor under 13 years of age, he has been sentenced to 8 years in prison, with an accessory of absolute disqualification, prohibition to approach less than 500 meters, and compensate the victim with 10,000 euros.

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