Is there a curse around the latest movie directed by a successful director? That was the theme of the last episode of Pure Cinema Podcast, who was invited to Quentin Tarantino. Few filmmakers today have such self-awareness around their work; knowing the relevance of his figure, the person in charge of Pulp Fiction has always had the idea of ​​retiring once he signed ten films, but this plan could have been faltered after the brand new reception of Once upon a time in hollywood, his job number 9. This film garnered some of the best reviews of his career and gave an Oscar to Brad PittSo now Tarantino worries that he can’t come close to his quality.

During this program, the director defended that the last films of the key directors in the history of cinema never measure up to great masterpieces. “Most directors have horrible latest movies.”, defended. “Usually his worst movies are the last ones. This is the case for the majority of directors of the Golden Age who finished their careers in the late 1960s and 70s, and then it was the case for the majority of New Hollywood directors who made their last films in the late 1980s or the 90s”. With this in mind, why not leave it behind Once upon a time in hollywoodNow that you have critics and audiences at your feet?

“Maybe I shouldn’t do another movie because I’d be happy throwing the mic down. That is the frustrating thing … in the case of many really excellent directors, if they had finished with what was their penultimate film … what I say would be dismantled. Or, you know, if Don Siegel had finished Escape from Alcatraz, oh my… what a career… he really said it all there. The other two were just commissions “. Don Siegel, after filming this film with Clint Eastwood in 1979, he shot the comedies Bold strike Y Blackjack, closing his career in 1982.

“I’m not a huge fan of this director, but the fact that Arthur Penn’s latest film is Two crazy people in distress it’s a metaphor for how bad the latest movies from New Hollywood directors can be “, continues in relation to another mediocre comedy that served to culminate the career of a great director. “Ending your career with a decent movie is rare. Finishing with a good movie is something miraculous ”. The acclaimed filmmaker could be facing the premature end of his career, opting for a retirement where he could dedicate himself to writing and spend time with his family.

“Maybe it’s time for the third act of my life and to lean more towards the literary, which would be good as a new father and new husband. I wouldn’t be taking my family and taking them to Germany or Sri Lanka or wherever the next story takes place. I can be a little more homelike, become a man of letters ”, adventure. Tarantino has indeed already started down this path, since this June 29 publishes his first novel, Once upon a time in hollywood, where you will enrich the story of your most recent film.

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