Three months after visiting the ‘Deluxe’ to denounce his delicate financial situation, Lely Céspedes has returned to television to broadcast his eviction in ‘Save me’. Ernesto Neyra’s ex He has also taken the opportunity to charge against the father of his children and beg for new work.

The former hostess of the ‘Telecupón’ has finally had to leave her home. After 3 years living at this address, Céspedes she has had to go with her 3 children and her 3 dogs to her mother’s house and leaving a debt of about 9,000 euros, for rent and electricity and water bills. A situation that blames his long unemployed stage and debts for loans and personal credits.

“I still feel psychologically abused”

Lely has ensured that so he only lives with 500 euros contributed by his ex Neyra for the pension of his children, of which 100 is spent on gasoline to take one of them to Seville every week. The rest has been destined to fix damages in the house that he leaves and to eat, although he assures that gets help from the Red Cross.

An eviction process that occurs in the middle of the accusations of his addiction to bingo, something that swears and perjures that, “I haven’t been there for five or six months, and I just went for a coffee.” And begs that, “go ask a casino”, underlining that it can show that it has been a long time since she has frequented these types of establishments, which she was assiduous years ago.

Parallelism with Rocío Carrasco

Taking advantage of her titanic support for Rocío Carrasco after being alluded to by the testimonies she has narrated in her successful documentary, Céspedes has used her visit to the Telecinco program to attack her ex-husband. “I have felt reflected in everything he says, even my ex and his have shared a lawyer”, has revealed a living tear.

Lely Céspedes, in ‘Save me’. (Mediaset)

Neyra has not only been reminded that owes you about 20,000 euros because of the seizure of the house, but he has released several ‘taunts’ and ‘slaps’ without hands like these: “I still feel psychologically abused“Or that he made fun of her when on television she asked for a job as a cleaner in Malaga.

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Alvaro Roldan

Lely’s onslaught against her ex has not stopped there, but through Rociito’s story with Antonio David Flores, she has said that in the report of her children’s father, “he also stated that he was a man narcissistic, self-centered and aggressive“And he emphasizes loud and clear:” To me hit me when i was 7 months pregnantIt’s been years and I still feel the same pain. Ernesto Neyra is an abuser“.

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