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Not many people can say that they have touched ‘D10S’ buttocks. The orthopedic doctor July Grades is one of them. The incident occurred 15 years ago, on a cold night in May 2006, inside a dressing room of the old National Stadium. Diego Maradona, the ‘Pelusa’, the greatest idol in world football, had arrived in Lima for an exhibition match. During the match, the Argentine footballer suffered a blow to his buttocks and, to alleviate the pain in such a sensitive area, he received the providential attention of Dr. Grados. Juan Carlos Zubczuk – a goalkeeper from the Sports University in the nineties – was in charge of firing the camera flash and capturing the peculiar moment.

With the thoroughness of a chronicler, July Grades he narrates the anecdote with Maradona and all the encounters he had with him, on and off the fields, in the non-fiction book Los menisci del futbol peruano. The publication brings together one hundred stories written by the experienced sports doctor, based on his own experiences in more than thirty years of career. “I have been a privileged witness to the evolution of Peruvian football in the last three decades. I have seen the good, the bad and the most diverse. But by codes, not everything can be told “, says the doctor.

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Degrees remember how his passion for football started: the day his father took him to see a friendly match of the ‘U’, a club of which he is a fan, against Santos de Pelé, in the Lima summer of 1970. The stands vibrated and the chants of the fans echoed in the atmosphere. “I want to be here forever”, he said to himself that time and did not stop until he succeeded. When he finished college, he entered the San Marcos School of Medicine and specialized in traumatology. Already received, he soon went to work in the medical area of ​​the Sports University, after his brother contacted him with Alfredo González, then president of the cream institution.

GOD IN YOUR HANDS. Doctor Grados and the night he had to treat Diego Maradona for an injury to his left gluteus, after receiving a blow during a friendly match in Lima. “Few can say that they touched Diego’s buttock,” he jokes.

With the ‘U’ of the early nineties he came out two-time champion. Later, he passed through Deportivo Coopsol, Universidad San Martín, Real Garcilaso de Cusco, Deportivo Municipal and Melgar. In the peruvian team it has worked in almost all of its categories. “Each footballer is a world to know. You cannot treat everyone the same. The most important thing for me, as a doctor, is to make them feel confident “, Explain Degrees.

MAGIC LAMP. With Christian Cueva, 10 of the Peruvian team, he met in San Martín in 2009. “Always playful, cap turned upside down”, so Grados reminds the footballer. (Photo: Leonardo Fernández)

That closeness has been his main source for telling stories as unpublished as they are hilarious: ‘A bloody afternoon with “Puma” Carranza’, ‘Cuevita does not play, dance’, ‘Paolo Guerrero’s gastritis’ or ‘Fight in a hotel in Miami’ are some of the chapters signed by Grados. Special mention deserves the story ‘Someone did escape from Golf Los Incas’, about the notorious 2007 scandal starring players from the peruvian team, where he shares a very personal look at what happened. “I am a doctor who respects the profession of writing very much”, dice July Grades. “The most difficult thing about telling my anecdotes has been having to spin very fine to avoid falling into simple gossip”, concludes. The ball is in the reader’s court. //


  • 58 thousand Injuries to footballers are those treated by trauma doctor Julio Grados.
  • 6.400 operations carried out in more than three decades.
  • 680 trips to the interior of the country and 180 abroad he undertook with clubs and the Peruvian team.
  • 1.730 matches takes from the bench as a privileged witness of what happens on the court.


The menisci of Peruvian soccer will soon be available in the main bookstores of the country. For now, you can purchase it by calling 999266677


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