It's time for you to stop calling the Netherlands Holland: why it's not called that anymore

The Netherlands changed its name to the Netherlands in 2020. But many people still call it that. The force of habit is one of the most difficult to correct …

Our brain can learn and forget many things. But you resist getting rid of concepts that we have learned out of habit. Even without intending it. There are many people who continue to emphasize It was, despite the fact that it was eliminated decades ago, or it does not put accents in capital letters, although it has been mandatory for decades. Something similar happens with Holland… forgiveness, Netherlands.

Since the beginning of 2020, Holland is no longer called Holland, but this name still comes up in many conversations, or even in the press.

It is difficult for us to change the things that we have learned and used throughout our lives. But nothing is immutable. Especially the names of Central European countries.

Why is Holland now called the Netherlands? It has to do with the complex history of the country.

Like most of the small countries in central and northern Europe, the Netherlands has been invaded in different centuries by larger powers, such as Spain, Germany or France.

The term Holland It has been used since the conquest of the country by Napoleon’s troops, two centuries ago.

But actually Holland is just a part of the country, formed by two provinces: South Holland and North Holland. The whole country is made up of 12 provinces (including these two), and its official name is Kingdom of the Netherlands, as explained on the website.

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For the last century, although officially the country has been called the Netherlands, successive governments have been permissive with the use of Holland, and they have even promoted it internationally, for tourist reasons.

But as TICbeat tells us, from January 1, 2020 officially all references to the Netherlands as a country have been removed. The Government invested 200,000 euros to modify the international logo, combining two symbols: “NL” (the abbreviation of the Netherlands in English) and an orange tulip, followed by the term Netherlands, the name of the kingdom in English. All organizations already adopt this new graphic personality: from universities and schools to embassies and ministries.

So you already know. You must banish the name of Holland forever, unless you mean the provinces. You have to use the Netherlands. And its inhabitants are no longer Dutch, they are Dutch.

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