James Wan | I was rolling Warren expedient, a movie that revolutionized mainstream horror, when he came up with a brilliant idea:

“They have a superhero universe, why can’t we have a horror world?”

When did they say he meant Marvel oh DC? The important thing here is that your question led to a reflection on the part of the producers: What if we make scary movies that share the same universe based on true stories?

And so it was done. Since the premiere of Warren expedient in 2013 there are already another handful of films based on true cases or stories that have to do with Ed Y Lorraine Warren. James Wan is a visionary, no doubt about it. However, the timeline of the movies is being chaotic because the stories are jumping from period to period and viewers are starting to get lost.

So much so that Wan himself had to be the one to explain what the chronological order is to see Warren expedient.

1952 – ‘The nun’ (Corin Hardy, 2018)

A young nun commits suicide in a closed abbey in Romania. So the Vatican sends a priest who was possessed in the past and a novice who has visions. When they arrive they discover that the order keeps a very dodgy secret and of course totally profane.

And that’s where the first battle between the living and the dead of the Warren saga begins.

Here the evil force is a nun who, although completely breaking most of the rules of esoteric folklore, represents a demon known as Someone. A monstrosity with an imposing spirit whose job is to give true answers about hidden treasures and that also (and this has been collected in the film) is known for desecrating and taking control of members of the Church without making a distinction between nuns, priests or congregation.

This terrifying adventure therefore opens the warrenverse 24 years before this nun appeared to Lorraine Warren in Warren File 2.

1955 – ‘Annabelle: Creation’ (David F. Sandberg, 2017)

In what order should you watch the 'Warren File' movies?

Annabelle: Creation It was released three years after Annabelle but it works like a prequel to the spin-off.

The film begins in 1942 with the marriage of Samuel (a toymaker played by Anthony LaPaglia) Y Esther Mullins (Miranda Otto) mourning the death of her daughter Bee because of a run over. And that is why perhaps it could be considered to be the first within the chronological order of the saga, however and being fair, most of the plot takes place in 1955, 12 years later.

The couple house Sister Charlotee and six girls who have become homeless in their home. These tenants will be the target of a doll possessed by a demonic power, Annabelle.

In addition, this film has a flashforward at its end and to make matters more dizzy with a flashback in its post-credit scene … The flashforward takes us to 1967 with the girl protagonist and not so young who murders with her boyfriend (both members of a club satanic) to the marriage that adapted her while her neighbors are stunned. The flashback takes place in 1952 and shows Valak, the demon protagonist of The nun.

1967 – ‘Annabelle’ (John R. Leonetti, 2014)


In the previous Annabelle (following the timeline) or later Annabelle (following the order of the premieres) some neighbors witness the attack of the crazy woman from Janice to her adoptive parents with her boyfriend. Those neighbors are the protagonists of Annabelle, John (Ward Horton) Y Mia Form (Annabelle Wallis), that they are pregnant.

He decides to give her an antique porcelain doll that serves as the first gift for her daughter. And then you know, scares, demonic messages, traumatic pregnancy …

The film ends with a mother buying the happy doll in an antique store to give it to her daughter Debbie, which leads us to the next title.

1971 – ‘Expediente Warren: The Conjuring’ (James Wan, 2013)

In what order should you watch the 'Warren File' movies?

Debbie becomes a nursing student, lives with her friend in an apartment where very strange things begin to happen because of a doll named Annabelle that we do not know if it sounds familiar to you.

The fact is that they pass those of Cain until they call the most famous demonologists in history, Ed (Patrick Wilson) Y Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) They decide to exorcise the doll and keep it in their room of demonic things. And at this point begins the story of the film that started it all despite being the penultimate in the chronological line of the saga.

Expediente Warren: The Conjuring It is about a real case of marriage. The Warrens had to help the family Perron, a married couple who moved into a very cheap and almost dilapidated house to start from scratch with their five daughters. A little bit after moving and during the first nights paranormal things begin to happen, for example: The clock always stops at 3:07 in the morning, their dog is killed and ultimately, someone from the underworld gives them the tabarra of the form most malevolent possible.

In the real case, many demons were those that tormented the family since in this house there were murders for several generations, but without a doubt the worst was Bathsheba Sherman, a satanic witch who hanged herself on the property in the 19th century.

1972 – ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ (Gary Dauberman, 2019)

In what order should you watch the 'Warren File' movies?

This is where the third installment of the saga is set chronologically Annabelle, right after the Warrens put her in their maleficent junk room.

But, glups, not for long, since her babysitter Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman) and her friend Daniela (Katie Sarife) They cannot prevent curiosity from leading them to free not only the demonized doll, but the rest of the cursed objects that the Warrens guard.

1973 – ‘La llorona’ (Michael Chaves, 2019)

In what order should you watch the 'Warren File' movies?

With Annabelle reassuring in her glass case, the Nun praying the rosary in the Underworld and the ghost of Bathsheba Sherman appeased, the next horror of the warrenverso looks south of Rio Grande. Taking advantage, to be exact, of an old Mexican legend.

Anna Tate-García (Linda Cardellini), social worker and widow of a policeman, learns the hard way that pre-Columbian myths are not played when he fatally meddles in the affairs of Patricia (Patricia Velasquez), an immigrant mother who has locked up her children at home, you know why. As a result of this blunder, Anna’s offspring will come into the crosshairs of La Llorona, the specter of a vengeful mother fond of killing children.

Unlike other warren movies, The weeping woman it is not inspired by a real case. The myth around which the script is articulated, yes, belongs to the folklore of the Aztec country as well as that of other Latin American countries.

1976/77 – ‘The Warren File: The Enfield Case’ (James Wan, 2016)

In what order should you watch the 'Warren File' movies?

The film begins in 1976 with one of the most famous Warren cases … The Amityville Murders.

The eldest son of the family DeFeo he shot and killed six members of his family, parents and siblings. The following tenants assure that strange things happened in the house such as strong smells, sounds, doors that closed on their own and (eye) drops of jelly that came out of the floor. A month after they left the house, the Warrens arrived to see if the young DeFeo’s murders were the result of a demonic presence.

The second case that is narrated in the film is that of Enfield, also famous for his media coverage. The family Hodgson He was seen back in several paranormal events due to the presence of demonic beings that annoyed the family, with possessions and crazy events.

For the record, in real history the Warrens only went there to take the picture, they did not take the case.

1981 – ‘The Warren File: Forced by the Demon’ (Michael Chaves, 2021)

The Warren File: Forced By The Demon
The Warren File: Forced By The Demon

The third installment of the main line of the saga begins in 1981, when the services of the Warren couple were requested by the family Glatzel to perform an exorcism to expel the demon that controlled his 11-year-old son.

That same demon, when leaving the body of the child, would have ended up in that of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, that a few days later he murdered his landlord and used as a defense before a court that he had been forced under the power of demonic possession.

Something that the Warrens are preparing to investigate on their own during a trial that received overwhelming media attention.

And so far the guide to follow this terrifying saga … What will the next case be?


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