How to remove yellow stains from white clothes to make them look like new

Many people ask the same question when, after a while, they realize that their favorite clothes some undesirable visitors have appeared: the famous yellowish spotss. They are produced by various causes, although humidity or not having been well protected in the closet, they are two of his biggest enemies. To eradicate them, we have several solutions; the fastest would be to get rid of them. However, we can almost always do something else before we throw them away. So, How do we remove yellow stains on white clothes? And those produced by sweat? What products should we use to whiten yellowish clothes correctly?

We will try to give a concise answer to all these questions in this article. We wear white clothes throughout the year, but summer is a time when it looks more, becoming a basic color of our clothing. Therefore, we have gathered the best tricks and products to remove these stains without making a large investment or disgrace the textile in which we carry out the cleaning. And above all, leaving the garments as impeccable as the first day.

What do you need?

A thorough cleaning of these characteristics does not always require very professional products. or from Hard access. All of them are household items and, only with the ones we show you below, we will be able to remove a large number of yellow stains from our white clothes without major complications.

2.5 liter round bowl

A container with a good average rating on Amazon and hundreds of ratings.

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Ergonomic textile brush

Made of hard fibers, it helps to clean highly resistant fabrics.
Made of hard fibers, it helps to clean highly resistant fabrics.

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Lot of 12 natural flake soaps Lagarto

100% natural for washing delicate garments.
100% natural for washing delicate garments.

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Neutrex Futura Bleach (1.8 liters)

Perfect hygiene for laundry and a very high average score: 4.6 out of 5 stars.
Perfect hygiene for laundry and a very high average score: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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Vialplus cleaning vinegar (2 liters)

Caption: With concentrated formula for better cleaning.

With a concentrated formula for a better cleaning.
With a concentrated formula for a better cleaning.

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Sodium bicarbonate (800 grams)

Aluminum free and 100% ecological.
Aluminum free and 100% ecological.

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How to remove yellow stains from white clothes?

The cleaning supplies that we have just mentioned will help us to develop a well-structured cleaning process, which we will develop later. However, it is always worth dwelling on some specific stains on our garments, Like the armpit fences or those that we have very localized and in which we do not want to carry out the complete washing process.

To do this, we will look for products that enhance whiteness Y restore the shine of white garments that, either due to intensive use or the passage of time, have been tarnished. On THE COUNTRY Showcase we have chosen these three solutions:

1. Peroxide. If we use it, extreme caution must be taken with the most delicate garments or those made of nylon. Knowing this, the hydrogen peroxide will recover the whiteness of many of your clothes and in a very short time. You only need to prepare a bowl with a mixture of cold water and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts. Immerse the garment and wait for the solution to act on its own.

two. Blancotex linen enhancer. The main function of this product is return the bright white to the most punished garments. It is applied by diluting two tablespoons in a liter of water Y throwing the mixture in the washing machine, or, it can be added in the last rinse. If we do it by hand, and only in the water of the last rinse, we must dilute a teaspoon for every 10 liters of water, stirring it well, just before introducing the clothes.

3. Squeezed lemon. Oddly enough, a natural bleach like lemon is an effective method to eradicate this type of stain. And to get said smoothie, nothing better than to get a good manual juicer. After having taken out the juice of two lemons, you have to boil a liter of water, mix everything and soak the garment for one hour. Then you have to wash it and let it dry in the sun.

How to wash yellowish white garments?

Once we have finished with the most recalcitrant rings and stains, we would go to a second phase, in which combine hand wash with a last by machine step, and that we will explain below:

1. Fill the bowl with a little hot water. Then, we add the natural soap that we have on hand. We have proposed the soap in strips or flakes, but it could be a bar type. As you wish. Then we let the soap dissolve.

2. We add the bicarbonate and stir until it foams well.

3. Below, we add the juice half lemon juice, causing a small reaction in the mixture that already has the water.

4. We submerge the garmentat least for an hour.

5. We throw away the dirty mixture and fill the basin with cold water again.. Add a good jet of white vinegar and let it rest for another hour.

6. We drain well and put it in the washing machine with the rest of the white clothes.

How to bleach yellowish clothes with chemical stain removers?

If all of the above has failed (sometimes the stains are more stubborn than we think), it’s time to get a powerful stain remover: with the objective of recovering the natural white in a less costly way. Of course, being non-natural substances, care must be taken not to “mix with other chemicals”, as indicated in Cleaning manual. Save Time and Efficiency, published by the Organization of Consumers and Users.

In the market there are numerous articles, but we propose these two stain removers from reliable brands Y with guaranteed results, as can also be seen in the positive ratings that many users have left in Amazon. But, How do they apply to white clothes? We tell you the process to follow in each of them:

Vanish Oxi Action stain remover powder and bleach-free

If there are stains that are seen more in white garments than in colored ones, they are undoubtedly those produced by sweat. To remove them thoroughly, Vanish recommends soak the garment in water for hours (up to a maximum of six); for, once well soaked, apply the product together with the detergent in the washing machine. You need a saucepan full of this formula (for very dry stains) or only half full for normal ones. Suitable for all fabrics except silk, wool or leather.

Buy for € 16.75 on Amazon

Nuclear white powder (lot of six sachets)

Works great on very difficult to remove gray and yellow stains. And it is a treatment valid for cotton fibers, synthetic fibers and blends. The process is done by hand and they are only necessary four simple steps:

1. Dissolve the product in four liters of very hot water (the maximum temperature that the garment can withstand).

2. How many envelopes do we pour? It will depend on how yellow the clothes to be treated are.

3. With the mixture already finished, soak the textile for an hour.

Four. Behind this, we must rinse the garment with water and wash it with the usual detergent.

What if the yellow spots are very visible? We can add the product on top of them to be more effective. You have to moisten the stains with water, apply the Nuclear Target Envelopes and rub the area to be treated with the brush very gently. Next, we must go back to the previous procedure that we have mentioned previously.

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