How long does it take for vaccines against COVID-19?

That is now a fundamental question at a time when the government of USA prepares to ship tens of millions of doses abroad to help curb the pandemic of coronavirus.

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Some state officials have said in recent days that some doses that have not been used could expire at the end of the month., and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday that the proximity of expiration dates was a factor to consider as the government works to get the doses shipped as soon as possible.

Many medications and vaccines can last for years if stored properly, but they can begin to lose their effectiveness in much the same way as food breaks down in a pantry. Vaccine suppliers must keep an eye on the expiration dates of each batch, to ensure that they are used on time.

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Vaccine expiration dates are determined based on data the manufacturer submits to regulators, showing how long vaccines are kept adequately effective, said Norman Baylor, former director of vaccines for the Food and Drug Administration. Medicines.

It’s called a “potency rating” and it can vary depending on the vaccine. Some, like lAs from tetanus, they generally last about two years if stored properly.

Like many perishable products, vaccines against COVID-19 they remain stable for longer at lower temperatures.

Vaccines licensed in the United States, developed by Pfizer, Moderna y Johnson & Johnson, They can last up to about six months from manufacture, depending on how they are stored.

But vaccines against COVID-19 They are new, and those expiration dates could eventually be extended as companies continue to test batch samples in the months since the vaccines began shipping, Baylor elaborates.




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