Traveling this summer in a motorhome: everything you need to know to buy a second-hand one and get it right

The advantages of shooting in summer with a motorhome they are many and very varied: flexibility of schedules and route in the trip, savings on accommodation, greater freedom and the comfort of feeling at home. But not everyone has the space or the wallet to buy a motorhome and keep it stopped from summer to summer, that’s why many are now opting for the rental mode.

Renting a motorhome is comfortable and practical provided that certain guidelines are followed that ensure, both during the choice of model and during the trip, a smooth and smooth route. It is also important to pay attention to more, so to speak, administrative issues, such as the insurance coverage of the rental company or the conditions of the contract.

The first step to rent a motorhome and not fail is to correctly choose the vehicle that best suits us and follow the guide provided by the Spanish Caravanning Association:

  • Choose the model with the appropriate seats And take into account if you travel with people with mobility problems or older or if you go with children as a couple or in a group. This will be decisive when choosing the interior layout or the choice of single or double beds.
  • These places must be approved, ask for the documentation of the motorhome and camper to ask to check it.
  • Do not rent the first model that they offer you, review the entire offer on the market and in different companies.
  • The motorhome must be clean when you pick it up, just like a hotel room.
  • Check that the vehicle registration certificate and insurance are intended for rent.
  • The mechanics and the MOT in force they are also important aspects to review.
  • Appreciates that, in case of unforeseen events, the company has a service contact to the client.
  • Always request the rental agreement duly filled in with all the data and with the correct amount paid to the renter.

Where and how to rent?

Motorhome tourism

There is a wide range of options when it comes to renting, from individuals to online companies through the more traditional options. It never hurts to visit a couple of rental companies to buy prices and deals and, whenever possible, it is best to go in person to check the condition of the vehicles. The downside of online businesses is the impossibility of checking the vehicle before starting the trip, so it is always advisable to make sure of the true age.

In the case of opting for individuals and companies not legally incorporated, Aseicar’s team warns of the dangers of this practice:

  • Models cannot be compared.
  • They are usually older vehicles and therefore less safe.
  • They will not give you a set-up nor will you have a security guarantee.
  • In the case of misuse of the motorhome or camper in the previous rental, a private individual will not be able to give you another vehicle.
  • You will not know if the economic transaction is legal, with the problems that it may cause in the face of the Treasury.
  • The insurance to cover the rental of motorhomes between individuals does not have the same degree of guarantees as that of professionals.

When renting a motorhome You will have to present the identity document and the valid driving license. They may ask you for some type of deposit, such as a credit card, and depending on the company you can contract extended insurance modalities and even contract a specific travel policy that insures you during those days of the route.

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If it is the first time that you rent a motorhome and travel with it, the organization of the trip is essential to enjoy the holidays but also return the vehicle intact and without a scratch.

  • In the motorhome you can take the usual consumer products, but the fresh ones it is advisable to buy them on the way and it is always best to avoid strong smelling foods.
  • Keep Order and cleanness It is essential to avoid problems during the trip and when returning the motorhome.
  • Remember that speed and parking tickets will be your responsibility.
  • If you visit big cities, look for deterrent parking and use public transportation to avoid infractions.
  • Always respect speed limits of each city and country.
  • Plan the route and search for campsites, parking lots and don’t forget to schedule stops and breaks.


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