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Clarification: El Comercio invited the two candidates -Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori- to write their vision of the country for the first 100 days of their eventual government. The Peru Libre candidate did not send his column, so we replicate the one he wrote for the first round. This text was published on February 6 as part of the deployment of El Comercio and after inviting all presidential candidates to write their vision of the country.

In principle, we must point out that our political option is committed to transformation based on the poorest in our country. Thus, we maintain that the primary force of all productive processes is work, that the wealth that it produces must primarily fulfill a social function and that the social, economic and legal order of our country must start from these principles, driven by all the progressive political, union and social organizations. Our proposal, translated into a government program, is available to everyone on the website of the Free Peru National Political Party, where you can find our government plan.

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We believe that this program of social transformation must be carried out by the government with the participation of all the organized people, in a democratic manner; gradually, but without pause; with energy, but without arrogance, promoting development, technology and destroying corruption and punishing the corrupt, with justice and equity. This is why we participate in politics.

We differ from other organizations that have raised the banners of “transformation”, which have unfortunately failed due to personal interests, absurd messianism and inexcusable selfishness. That is why the legitimate interests of the Peruvian people have been postponed, leaving the most recalcitrant right-wing parties the freedom of action to have power and enthrone a neoliberal Political Constitution that has governed us for more than 27 years and that must be replaced. for a new Magna Carta.

We are aware of the crucial moment that the world is going through, particularly the poorest, as a result of the global economic crisis and deepened by the health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that, unfortunately, the situation our country is going through can still get worse and we must all fight this pandemic. If we can rescue anything positive from this terrible situation, it is that it has shown that neoliberalism and the market economy do not serve the people, they have never served; Well, we have already verified that the health, educational and other systems are only ready to serve the rich well, leaving the majority naked in the face of the crisis. Only a social system that puts attention to the basic needs of all the Peruvian people first could have adopted more equitable solutions.

From the Congress we will promote the convocation of a Constituent Assembly that can be installed in the shortest term so that an approving referendum of the new Constitution can be held before July 2022. We have proposed, from the outset, a new Political Constitution, proposal that today is supported even by some right-wing organizations. It may be possible to achieve this consensus in the new Congress.

Likewise, we will promote key constitutional provisions so that the State can actively participate in the economy, as an active and regulatory body where there are excesses, and in fundamental sectors of the nation’s economic activity., such as the production of energy, basic food, medicines and medical services, education, etc. Political reform will be promoted in a comprehensive manner, that is, the reform of the representation systems (Congress, regional assemblies and local government councils) so that representatives and represented can interact permanently; of political parties under the principles of internal democracy; of government, under the principles of decentralization, accountability and the fight against corruption and elections, to strengthen citizen participation.

For our political organization It is also of particular importance to promote actions aimed at the food security of the population, supporting family farming, which is the basis of agricultural production in the country.

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