Five secrets behind “María Mercedes”, “Rubí” and “La usurpadora”, three telenovelas that you can watch again on Blim TV

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Blim TV, the streaming platform of Televisa, recently announced a free basic plan to access its catalog made up of telenovelas, series and movies from the Mexican brand.

This alternative is in addition to the payment option you already have Blim, which offers 35 live channels and 37,000 hours of content as opposed to 14,000 hours of free “classic and popular shows”.

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Telenovelas, the great Mexican ‘hook’

Without a doubt, soap operas have been the workhorse of Televisa for several decades in which his so-called soap operas seized the preference of a large number of viewers, especially Latin American, bringing home stories almost always composed of the same premise, the typical love story between the poor girl who falls in love of the rich and immature heartthrob.

Over time, these stories evolved in the Televisa universe, but not so much as to be able to compete with forces such as streaming platforms that, loaded with series, films, documentaries on demand, They came to change humanity’s way of watching TV for good.

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Adapting to the new times, Televisa launched into the streaming market in 2016 with a single payment option and taking refuge in soap operas how successful it was to bring water to their mill, now online.

Of this genre we can mention countless titles such as the eighties “Colorina”, “Wild Rose”, 90s Maria mercedes”,“ María la del Barrio ”or“the usurper, those of the beginning of 2000, “Ruby”, Among many others.

And from this range of options, as a souvenir, we chose three soap operas that were a boom at the time, to reveal some of the secrets behind their recordings.

Because despite having lost the throne for other genres, soap operas still find their niche, who knows how long.


Maria mercedes“Started the call”Trilogy of the Marys”Which consecrated Thalia in the world of soap operas. The story revolves around the life and romance of a young lottery ticket seller and a millionaire who will marry her interested in the money she has inherited from her dying cousin.

One of the most talked about details behind the telenovela of Thalia It is the good vibes that existed between the actress and her co-star Arturo Peniche, the same one that led the television couple to make constant jokes during the time that the recordings lasted.

As told Arturo Peniche in a couple of interviews and recently on the show “Montse & Joe“One day the actress came to the set and said to the actor:” Look what I have eaten, “opening her mouth so that she can feel her breath.

“She had eaten a garlic dip, look at the evil she was doing to me. And when that scene (one of kisses) played us, I said to Cruz as a prop, do you have an onion? He told me: yes but purple and I said: better wey! The time comes to record and they tell me: we are going to run the scene and when they say 5, 4, 3, I take a bite of the onion that even tears came out of me and I go back and tell Thalía: now yes María Mercedes, come here and I pretend I’m going to give her a kiss and she screams: no! not! no! ”the actor recalled with a laugh.


This third version of “Ruby”Was perhaps the most successful of Televisa and served to boost the career of Bárbara Mori as an actress. The plot revolves around a low-class young woman whose great ambition leads her to climb among the high society, at the cost of everything.

In June 2020, during a chat via Instagram between some of the protagonists of “Ruby”, Eduardo Santamarina revealed that given the popularity of the “Shrek” characters that year (2004), he was compared by his co-stars to the famous ogre and that Sebastian rulli, with the Charming prince, the son of the Fairy Godmother from the famous animated film.

Santamarina also revealed in that talk that he was the first man she kissed Jacqueline bracamontes in a soap opera and Sebastian Rulli the second. However, the actress denied the actor saying that it was not his first kiss but his first intimate scene on television.

On another occasion, in an interview offered by Ana Martin in 2020, the actress spoke of the first time she saw Bárbara Mori in the “Rubí” casting room.

Then I saw several enter and suddenly I see one with a very beautiful face, with her face washed and her hair down, very simple, I said, ‘What a beautiful girl ”, said Martin who in “Rubí” played the mother of the protagonist.

After meeting Mori, Martin thought at that moment that perhaps the actress would not measure up to “Rubí” given the character of the character, but when he saw her for the second time his way of thinking changed completely.

“… I don’t see from afar, she passed by, she greeted me very pretty and suddenly I see her come in with some heels, a red dress, I was surprised, I didn’t tell her, but I thought, ‘Well this girl, I I have to last half the novel, but I think it kills in the first chapter, great ‘, and later I found out that they had chosen Bárbara Mori as Rubí ”, added the actress.


Written by Inés Rodena in the seventies, the plot of “La usurpadora” revolves around two twin sisters separated at birth who meet again as adults in a reality in which one is frivolous and millionaire and the other poor and of good feelings, and that they will exchange their identities for a certain time.

“La usurpadora” had two versions but it is the 1998 version that was very successful and remains in the collective memory despite the time that has elapsed.

The soap opera was a success since its premiere in Televisa and a great accolade in the career of Gaby Spanic, at that time a 25-year-old actress who had just arrived at Mexico from his native Venezuela.

About his experience in “the usurper”, Spanic has said on several occasions that his relationship with stage director Beatriz Sheridan was not easy due to her Venezuelan accent.

“Although in general the climate on the soap opera set was good, I experienced many moments of tension and stress behind the scenes because my accent, which had many Venezuelan marks, was not to the liking of Beatriz Sheridan, in charge of the direction,” he said the actress to the TLNovelas magazine.

Another secret of “the usurper”Was revealed by the actress Adriana Fonseca, who in the soap opera played Verónica Soriano, Paola Bracho’s love rival.

“She was mega disciplined (Spanic). I understand her perfectly because apart from that she is a foreigner and she had to work on the neutral accent, she had to work on a good personality and she had to work on the very bad bad personality, so she had to be super concentrated all the time and she was always with a coach working on her accent ”, she said. .

Gabriela Spanic and Arturo Peniche in a scene from "La usurpadora".
Gabriela Spanic and Arturo Peniche in a scene from “La usurpadora”.

Fonseca also recalled that Spanic often fell asleep in the middle of the recording set due to the several hours of work that she had on her.

“It happened to her very often, and I’m not criticizing her, on the contrary, I admire her very much for all the work she did, she fell asleep. She looked like a Cinderella, very beautiful, so her face made up perfect, but very asleep because, gentlemen, the calls are sometimes from six / seven in the morning and you end at 11 at night, then between scene and scene, between changes of light , between set changes, there she put her eyelash and I did see her several times. In these times they would have taken a thousand photos of him, but in those times, there was not the technology that there is now with cell phones ”, explained the actress.



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