Daily Horoscope June 5 - Don't take frustrations out on your partner, Leo!


Career-wise you are an idealist, altruistic in many ways. You want your business to benefit humanity. With Neptune in your sign for many years, this need will only increase. If Jupiter is added this summer, your idealism will grow even more.


Your interest in spiritual life increases, perhaps because of a situation or events. Reading esoteric literature will initiate you into the secrets of the otherworldly. If you are wondering where this interest comes from? The answer is: the arrival of Uranus in your sign.


If you’re not in the mood for merriment, say it honestly. Go work in the garden; rooting in the earth gives inner peace. Don’t care if loved ones comment on your faith. Rise above the everyday.


Physically blow off steam when you’re nervous. Writing about it can also help. Don’t unnecessarily complicate your love life by living a double life; use your mind and do not impulsively follow your heart.


Give your health some extra attention. Persist to get results when you have trouble sticking to a training schedule. Make sure you are sufficiently protected against viruses when you travel.


To get ahead in your work, you need to plan well. Success and recognition do not just fall from the sky. Now is a good time to analyze your approach and make sure you stay on track.


You may be emotionally trapped, but by ensuring that everything passes you will be able to control yourself. Don’t take frustrations out on your partner and don’t let worries overwhelm you.


Think about everything you’ve been through when you’re lacking in confidence. Analyze your own reactions and don’t try to be right if you are unreasonable. Be willing to revise an opinion.


Finances are unstable; you may incur unexpected expenses. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need; you often spend money too easily. Tomorrow, immerse yourself in a mysterious topic and write about it.


News from afar can move you to tears. Babies born today will bring joy. Don’t go to obscure places when you go out. You may find something that you want to fix.


Be open to others and don’t get burned too quickly. Don’t hide your true feelings; realize that the kettle can explode if you bottle up your emotions. Choose your friends carefully. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water.


Membership can come under pressure if there is a power struggle or financial irregularities. A decision may need to be reconsidered. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in.


You may have to work while others enjoy the weekend. That can create tension at home. Think of an alternative moment of rest and relaxation for yourself and those you love.


A loved one can positively influence your thinking and turn your ideas into action. Don’t get too involved with other people’s problems. Go out and bring a sketchbook or camera.

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