Crisis in the City Council of Granada: Cs does not yield the Mayor’s Office to the PP and he denounces that they had a verbal pact to take turns
Crisis in the City Council of Granada: Cs does not yield the Mayor’s Office to the PP and he denounces that they had a verbal pact to take turns

The replacement had to be done this month, but the mayor of Ciudadanos refuses

The mayor of Granada, Luis Salvador, from Ciudadanos, in the plenary hall of the City Council of the Granada capital.EUROPA PRESS

The idyll that the PP and Ciudadanos maintain in the Andalusian Government, chaired by Juanma Moreno, is not, at all, the atmosphere that reigns in the Granada City Council, the most important city in the country in which the formation Orange of Armed Ins.

A war has broken out in the Town Hall in Granada’s central Plaza del Carmen. Relations between the mayor of Cs, Luis Salvador, and the councilors popular They have been blown up in a crisis in which the possibility of the PSOE seizing power through a motion of censure is even being considered. And the striking thing is that he supported her Sebastin Prez, the former PP spokesman in the City Council who was everything in the 35 years he was in his old party: councilor, senator, president of the Granada Provincial Council, president of the popular in this province and member of the Executive Committee regional and regional and national boards of the PP.

The trigger for the crisis has been precisely the resignation this Wednesday of Sebastin Prez as councilor of the PP. He leaves his party, but he intends to keep his act as mayor not assigned, thus reserving the key to a possible motion of censure. With his departure, the municipal government of Cs and the PP lost the majority. The PP has now been left with six councilors, the formation Orange it has four and Vox, with three. In total, there are 13.

Instead, the PSOE, which leads Francisco Cuenca -the most voted list in the last municipal elections of May 26, 2019-, has 10 councilors and IU-Adelante Andaluca, three. The mayor who breaks the tie between the government bloc and the opposition is Sebastin Prez.

This former councilor of the PP leaves his party because he demands that the pact reached at the beginning of the legislature be fulfilled so that Cs would occupy the Mayor for the first two years and the popular, the next two. The replacement had to be done this month, but the mayor of Ciudadanos refuses.

The local government has remained in a minority when the PP spokesman resigns

No one has offered a written agreement in which this distribution of the Mayor of Granada will remain white on black. However, the diary Ideal has recently released some audios on the negotiations and the distribution of seats between the PP and Cs, in which it is clear that there was an agreement between both formations for the first two years to govern a mayor Orange and the last two of the legislature, another popular.

Cs is now going through a critical moment at the national level, after the failed motion of censure in Murcia and the political earthquake unleashed later, which has caused this formation to be left out of the Madrid Assembly, despite the fact that before the elections it was in power. the Government with Isabel Daz Ayuso. For this reason, the party of Ins Arrimadas does not seem at all willing to lose the Mayor of Granada, one of the last bastions of power that Cs can exhibit.

In fact, Arrimadas went to Sevilla this Monday, where I closed ranks with the mayor Luis Salvador and I supported him to continue the four years in charge of the City Council. The leader of Cs remarked: We are very focused on governing in Granada, a city of more than 230,000 inhabitants and the only provincial capital of Andalusia with a mayor of the orange formation. We are not distracted by them, we are doing a good job, in stability and in the responsibility of continuing to govern for two more years.

Arrimadas also referred to the statements of the former Popular Party spokesman Sebastin Prez in the inauguration speech, when he said that the current mayor of Cs was for four years.

Salvador addressed yesterday the situation of the Granada City Council in Madrid with the leadership of his party. It will be my leadership that will make the decision, apart from that there is no other type of element, there are no negotiations, there is no ultimtum, there is no need to mark directions, there are no fights, it is a government team that has always worked well, he said. Salvador this Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the PP of Granada launches, actively and passively, to fight so that there is a mayor of this formation in the capital of Granada for the next two years. The pressure towards Luis Salvador is in crescendo. This week, which has been celebrated the Corpus Christi festival in Granada, the PP councilors have stood up to the mayor and have played cat and mouse so as not to coincide with him in the acts.

The isolation of the mayor is not limited to the councilors of the PP, because even the mayor of Cs Manuel Olivares He has asked Luis Salvador to leave office. He did it on his social networks, evoking Adolfo Surez when I left the presidency of the Government: I am leaving without anyone having asked me to. Leaders, statesmen, great examples, says Olivares’s message.

The provincial president popular, Francisco RodrguezFor his part, he announced this Thursday that his party is even considering leaving the municipal government to force Cs to hand over the mayor. Now, they are looking for different scenarios for the mayor to step aside and thus let the PP govern because it is the most voted list of the center-right, highlights Rodríguez.

The Andalusian leadership of the party tries to mark distances, keeps silence and refers to the PP of Granada. On everyone’s mind is the pact sealed on March 16 between the regional directorates of PP and Cs, with the approval of the corresponding national ones, to shield the Andalusian coalition government and not steal elected positions, after the earthquake caused by the failed motion of censure in Murcia and the elections in Madrid. Is this pact and the idyll of the Andalusian coalition government in danger due to the crisis in the Granada City Council? The answer will be seen in the next few days.

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