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Cologne has been looking at the number of cases and incidence values ​​in the city every day for months. And finally things are going in the right direction again in the past few weeks! But will it stay that way? Can vaccinations and political decisions push back Corona? In the EXPRESS ticker we keep you up to date – with the latest case numbers, information and incidence values.

The Cologne corona numbers at a glance

Here you can see the corona overview for the city of Cologne according to the Landeszentrum Gesundheit (LZG) NRW:

Incidence value reported cases Deaths
04.06. 32,8 52.961 709
03.06. 38,8 52.935 709
02.06. 38,1 52.842 707
01.06. 35,4 52.766 705
31.05. 40,1 52.767* 702
30.05. 42,2 52.744 702
29.05. 42,7 52.681 702
28.05. 51,8 52.634 700
27.05 52,4 52.532 699
26.05. 56,3 52.463 695
25.05. 69,7 52.434 691
24.05. 69,3 52.373 689
23.05. 92,1 52.318 689
22.05. 102,8 52,224 688
21.05. 94,6 52.067 688

* Number on the day of publication; however, it was later corrected downwards

Update from June 4: Incidence value in Cologne is falling – further easing from Sunday?

  • According to the State Center for Health (LZG NRW), the Incidence value for Cologne on Friday, June 4th, is 32.8. That is a minus of 6.0 compared to the previous day.
  • Also gratifying: there was no further deaths related to Covid-19 in the past 24 hours. The total number of people who have died in Cologne since the beginning of the pandemic is estimated at 709.
  • Given the positive developments there are FurtherRelaxations. So from Sunday (June 6th) in Cologne you can, among other things, again without a negative corona test Visit outdoor dining. As emerged on Friday from a list by the Ministry of Health, incidence level 2 then applies in the cathedral city. It comes into force when the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is stable below 50 in seven days. Restaurant can also be indoors open again – but still with mandatory testing. More customers are allowed in at the same time in shops.
  • After the vaccination offer in Vingst ended on Friday afternoon, the city will offer in the coming week Appointments in Humboldt / Gremberg and Mülheim an.
  • After the debauchery on the night of Corpus Christi (June 3rd) Appeals crisis team leader Andrea Blome: “Party-like conditions and crowds of people, as we experienced them on the eve of the holiday, must not be repeated. The pandemic is not over yet. ”Over the weekend, they will be watching closely which areas are needed to be more stringent. Blome: “On the other hand, we want to relax wherever we can take back restrictions without risk.” Above all, this presupposes that Cologne residents and Cologne guests adhere to the Corona rules and that Prove a sense of responsibility, which is necessary in order to master the last stage to the goal.

Update from June 3rd: Relaxation in Cologne remains

  • The State Center for Health in North Rhine-Westphalia has one for Cologne on Thursday (June 3rd) Incidence value of 38.8 announced.
  • This leaves the previous ones Relaxations consist.
  • Two other people from Cologne died as a result of Corona. Overall, that’s it 709 deaths.

Update from June 2nd: positive development stopped for the time being

  • The negative trend in incidence for Cologne has stopped for the time being. For the first time in days, according to the State Center for Health in North Rhine-Westphalia, there is one again slight plus: On Wednesday, June 2nd, the value rose from 35.4 to 38.1.
  • However, Cologne remains below the 50 mark, which is for further easing is relevant. In other words, the minimal increase does not have any consequences for the time being, should all Cologne residents be made to be cautious.
  • There were two more Deaths reported in connection with Covid-19. The number of people who have died in Cologne since the beginning of the pandemic has risen to 707.
  • As the city of Cologne announced in the morning, the Rheinboulevard temporarily closed over the long weekendfrom Wednesday.
  • The blocking comes into effect at the following times: Wednesday and Friday (June 4th) from 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. If necessary, the area should be cordoned off on Thursday (June 3rd).
  • “We want with it prevent large crowds, where the minimum distance cannot be kept ”, writes the city of Cologne on its Twitter account.

Update from June 1: Cologne incidence value drops again significantly

  • It continues in the right direction: Tuesday (June 1st) is the Incidence value in Cologne at 35.4 fallen, that means a clear minus of 4.7 compared to the previous day.
  • Overall are so far 52,766 cases of corona infections have been reported. That is one less case than was reported on Monday (May 31).
  • Like a spokesman for the Regional Health Center confirmed to EXPRESS, they are Numbers correct anyway. The numbers at the LZG are recorded dynamically, i.e. updated after the first report in the morning. Cases in Cologne that were incorrectly reported were deleted again. In that case, more than new cases were added. For Cologne were in the past 24 hours 17 new cases reported.
  • The Number of dead rose by three to meanwhile 705.

Update from May 31: Cologne remains well below the 50 mark in terms of the incidence value

  • Then a cold drink in one of the outdoor restaurants, which are finally allowed to reopen from today, Monday, May 31: The regulations of the Corona Protection Ordinance of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia now apply to Cologne, with relaxations for retail, culture, tourism and gastronomy.
  • The reason is the positive development in the infection process: The Incidence value for Cologne was given on Monday, May 31, by the State Center for Health NRW as 40.1. This is again a minus compared to the previous day (42.2)., The one with surprising: Cologne is thus even minimally below that for the first time in months NRW cut, which is numbered at 40.2.
  • Also encouraging: There were no more in the past 24 hours Deaths in connection with the coronavirus.

Update from May 30th: Important value continues to crawl in the right direction

  • Since Thursday, May 27, 2021, the Priority vaccinations in lime continued. A total of 1,610 people had been vaccinated by Saturday, May 29, 2021. The mobile vaccination offer is in lime continuously until Monday, May 31, 2021, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. at the following location: Markt 34, 51103 Cologne-Kalk. Eligible to vaccinate are people from 18 yearswho are registered at specified addresses in Kalk.
  • On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, the Priority vaccinations in Vingst continued. The mobile vaccination offer is available in Vingst on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 and Thursday, June 3, 2021, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the following location: Marktplatz, 51107 Cologne-Vingst. Eligible to vaccinate are people from 18 yearswho are registered at specified addresses in Vingst.
  • after the Incidence on the fifth consecutive working day, which was below the limit of 100, occurs tomorrow, Monday, May 31, 2021, according to the city Federal emergency brake out of action. For Cologne, the regulations of the Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia will then apply, with relaxation for retail, culture, tourism and gastronomy.
  • The Crisis team nevertheless decided on Friday, May 28, 2021 to continue to use the existing one Stay– and Alkoholkonsumverboten to hold on. In certain green areas, at the well-known hotspots and wherever there is one Mask requirement therefore it is still forbidden to consume alcohol. Of course, this does not apply to the duration of a visit to a permitted outdoor restaurant
  • Not a big jump like the day before, but always a little jump further in the right direction: On Sunday (May 30th) the LZG NRW reports for Cologne an incidence value of 42.2. That is a Decrease from 0.6.
  • The number of reported cases rose by 63 to 52,744. There are no new deaths to complain.

Update from May 29th: The incidence value makes another big leap down

  • That is impressive: The State Center for Health (LZG NRW) reports one for Saturday Incidence value for Cologne of 42.7. That is one compared to the previous day Minus 9.1.
  • Since the incidence value is now below 100 for the fifth day in a row, it is clear that outdoor catering on Monday (May 31) in Cologne may open.
  • That ends on the same day Curfew for Cologne, as the head of the crisis team, Andrea Blome, announced on Friday (May 28) at the press conference.
  • Overall have so far 52,681 Cologne residents infected with corona. Due to two new deaths within the last 24 hours, the number of deaths with a positive corona test has increased 702 gone up.

Update from May 28th: ​​Incidence in Cologne remains stable, mark of 700 deaths reached

  • Trend confirmed: Friday is the Incidence value in Cologne remained fairly stable, the new value of 51,8 means a Minus 0.6 compared to the previous day.
  • Should the incidence stay below 100 even on Saturday (May 29th) are Numerous openings in Cologne possible from Monday, for example in gastronomy.
  • Another fatality has been reported, causing the pandemic to begin 700 deaths with positive corona test registered. 52,634 cases are confirmed.
  • For lunch (1.30 p.m.) he has Crisis team of the city of Cologne another press conference announced. You can read what is being announced there in the live ticker on

Update from May 27th: Incidence in Cologne just before the 50 mark

  • According to the State Center for Health in North Rhine-Westphalia, the incidence value for Cologne on Thursday, May 27, is included 52,4. This is again a decrease of 3.9 points compared to the previous day. Cologne is thus close to the 50 mark: If a municipality is lower, it will not be more than Risk area designated.
  • So the positive trend of the past few days continues, from one Pentecost effect there is still nothing to be seen: It was to be feared that the numbers would skyrocket again after the holidays, as fewer tests had been carried out beforehand and the vacant positions would have to make late registrations.
  • Unfortunately there was in the past 24 hours four more deathsrelated to the virus. The total number has now been 699 since the beginning of the pandemic in Cologne.

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